World's 29 best cities for men

World's 29 best cities for men

The beaches, the babes and the cultural attractions that make men "feel more alive"
Ladies night? Hahaha. All hail the manly nirvana of London.

Online magazine AskMen has released its 2012 list of the world’s top 29 cities to visit for men.

Given the premise, we were expecting a sex, grog and bro-hug fueled bonanza –- “hot women, best single malt scotch, best pick-up bars, more hot women” -- but the roundup reads more like something out of Ladies’ Home Journal. 

“Life is for living and nothing makes a man feel more alive than experiencing what the world has to offer," reads the story. "Hell, even if you have a bad trip, you still have memories, lessons and insights you can carry with you for the rest of your life.”

Top 5 cities for men

  1. London
  2. Mumbai
  3. Rio de Janeiro
  4. Washington, D.C.
  5. Shanghai

Despite the sensitive-guy opening, the list is a fun ranking of the world’s coolest cities, featuring reasons that range from hilarious (26. Berlin, "Because it’s remained successful and hype-worthy in a sea of European despair”) to unexpected (7. Cartagena, "Because it's the beach party of your dreams").

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Noteworthy inclusions are Tianjin, China (home of Chinawood); Oranjestad, Aruba (kite surf, scuba and sail); and Austin, Texas ("the bigger, badder side of Texas").

cartagena Cartagena came in at number seven. Might've been higher if not for this guy.
Last year’s No. 1 city Barcelona plummeted to the 14th spot, while last year’s second place, Buenos Aires, dropped to 10th. Miami, which came in third last year, didn’t even make it onto this year's list.

London topped the list as "the center of the world this year," thanks to the Olympics and London 2012 Festival.  

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