Which is the world's greatest city?

Which is the world's greatest city?

Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul. All great, but which is the greatest?
World's greatest city

Not to be cocky about it, but …

… ah, who are we kidding? When you live in a great city, why deny it?

Indeed, why not celebrate it with the definitive list of reasons to prove once and for all that, in a world of incredible places, yours is hands down, categorically, without question, undeniably, and now more or less scientifically substantiated, the greatest city on the planet?

Not buying it? Read on, dear viewer.

We've done some deduction. It goes like this: If Paris was the capital of the 19th century and New York the capital of the 20th, it’s a given that the capital of the 21st century falls within Asia.

But which city deserves to be crowned tops on earth? Check out the case for the contenders below then help us build -- or tear down -- the argument for the greatest city on the planet.


Seoul world's greatest city50 reasons Seoul is No. 1

Beautiful women, beautiful men, an awesome airport, fantastic food, the world's speediest Internet, the world's wildest celebrity scandal ... can you give us one reason Seoul is NOT the world's greatest city? It's a tech-tastic, celeb-crazed pantheon of human delights. 

Sydney world's greatest city50 reasons Sydney is No. 1

Beauty is seldom skin deep. Sydney’s harbor and beaches are merely a backdrop to outdoor festivals, street parades, gay ghettos, rustic music venues, markets and inner city villages. Sydney’s a city that chooses its own destiny. The new world’s utopia aims for cultural achievement -- served with fused cuisine and gourmet coffee -- and succeeds.

Bangkok World's greatest city50 reasons Bangkok is No. 1

There's room for everyone inside the tolerant Thai tent of Krung Thep. Its culturally-diverse, sexually-liberated and urinally-grabby populace is a mere human representation of the city's uncommon overall diversity. From the bedlam of its politics to the nobility of its monarch, from the bustle of its shopping districts to the distinctive calm of the Lung, Bangkok is a municipal spectrum as broad as its real name is long.

Hong Kong World's greatest city50 reasons Hong Kong is No. 1

In just one hour in the SAR, you can swim Shek O, hike the Peak, shop for shoes and join a protest against the devastating effects of footwear on our beaches and mountains. And you'll need to maintain that kind of schedule if you hope to consume everything else the 'fragrant harbor' has to offer.

Mumbai World's greatest city50 reasons Mumbai is No. 1

When you're ready -- truly ready -- to see it all, you're ready for the city formerly known as Bombay; the richest, poorest, most hopeful, most desperate, most colorful place on Earth. Spiritual, sporting, slummy and celebratory, Mumbai is the all-singing, all-dancing model for hustle and human spirit.

Shanghai World's greatest city50 reasons Shanghai is No. 1

Cheap and sophisticated, historic yet still flowering, the "Paris of the East" is the complex, cosmopolitan trophy town that China trots out front-and-center to gain world-class status at dinner parties. But more than just the hood ornament of the world's fastest accelerating economy, Shanghai is China's largest city, crackling with the electricity of a start-up enterprise with 20 million pajama-clad possibilities.

Singapore World's greatest city50 reasons Singapore is No. 1

It all starts when you touch down at the world's consensus best airport -- and the accolades only get loftier from there: we're the business-friendliest, least bureaucratic, most expat-embracing, least corrupt, most livable place in Asia on the continent's smallest tract of land. It all combines to form the greatest land-to-awesomeness ratio in the world.

Tokyo World's greatest city50 reasons Tokyo is No. 1

The dazzling, 120-inch, state-of-the-art liquid crystal display of Asia, erstwhile Edo bustles with a swarm of youth culture, incurable innovation, oddity, robots, and insufferable levels of cuteness. Like a municipal video game with no final level, Tokyo challenges you with a never-ending onslaught of seizure-provoking stimuli.

Still not convinced? Let us know which city you think is the greatest in the world and exactly why. Or is there another city you want to nominate and wax lyrical about its greatest-ness?

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