Seoul Fashion Week -- we speak with Korea's hottest designers

Seoul Fashion Week -- we speak with Korea's hottest designers

Look out Milan, New York and London, Seoul Fashion Week is hot on your stilettos
Lee Ju Young's Resurrection collection.
Lee Doii collction
Lee Young Hee
Hwang Jae Bock
Gee Choon Hee
Ha Sang
Hong Hyejin
Jeong Doo Yeong
Kim Seo Ryong
Jung Hung Jong
 Ko Tae_Yong's "Beyond Closet"
Lee Ju Young's Resurrection collection

As Seoul Fashion Week came to a close, we caught up with four of Korea's leading designers and asked them what defines Korean fashion and where they expect to see Korean fashion going in the future. Not surprisingly, the quartet considers Seoul Fashion Week, like the city itself, something to keep an eye on.

Ye Ranji, Lee Doii, IMseonoc and Hwang Jae Bock are the brains and creatives behind some of the most exciting fashion seen in Korea this year. The term 'Seoul Collection' has been around for only two seasons, but the world is starting to notice. The last convergence of this sort of local creativity with international recognition occurred, it ended up being called the 'Korean Wave.'

Check out our video interviews with these top designers.

Ye Ranji

Ye Ranji is an up-and-coming designer who gained recognition in Korean and international fashion circles after her first major runway show at Seoul Fashion Week in 2007. Her meshing of East and West, human and nature, masculine and feminine marks her fascinatingly fusion-style of design.

Lee Doii

Lee Doii had already made a name for herself as a young designer in Paris before her recent splashy return to Korea. Her colorful and playful celebration of feminine traits is a trademark of her design style.


IMseonoc is one of Korea's most well-known and respected fashion designers, whose creative and artful style continues to command attention from both the general press and glitterati.

Hwang Jae Bock

Hwang Jae Bock is Korea's most sought-after wedding dress and gown designer, and has been active in helping promote Korean fashion to the world as head of the Korean Fashion Designers' Association.

About the author: Michael Hurt is a photographer living in Seoul. He is widely known for his blogs feetmanseoul, and social criticism blog Metropolitician.