10 things to do during the last hour of a flight

10 things to do during the last hour of a flight

New flight restrictions could mean if you're travelling to the United States you're not allowed to leave your seat during the last hour. What to do with that time?
new flight restrictions
The new restrictions are a pain but they're for our own good.

New international flight restrictions could be enacted because of the attempted Detroit flight terror attack. Suspension of inflight entertainment has occurred on a number of flights headed for the US. Because of this we predict an increase in the number of e-book readers bought as well as literacy rate increases for passengers, at least for those reading something a bit more substantial than People Magazine.

According to the New York Times, one of the new restrictions on some airlines may require that "passengers on international flights coming to the United States will have to remain in their seats for the last hour of a flight without any personal items on their laps."

So after you've finished your books and e-books, here are our suggestions to occupy that last hour of the flight.

0 - 1:00: Read about the new flight restrictions.

1:00 - 26:00: Talk to your seat mate about how annoying the new flight restrictions are. Nod heads and say "yep" in agreement.

26:00 - 28:00: If you're a man, flirt with the stewardess. If you're a woman, laugh at the man flirting with the stewardess or flirt with the stewardess yourself and watch the men on the plane stare like teenagers. Really, there's nothing else to do.

28:00 - 28:00: Take a nap. If you can't sleep (like me) then pretend to nap so that annoying seat mate next to you will stop talking. If that annoying seat mate is a baby, give up all hope.

28:00 - 30:00: Actually read the inflight magazine. Alright, not really. At least glance at the cover though. Marvel at the headline "The 5 best beaches within striking distance from Detroit."

30:00 - 35:00: Try not to think about how you wish you went to the bathroom 20 minutes earlier. 

35:00 - 45:00: Play air guitar. Everybody loves air guitar.

45:00 - 50:00: Stare out the window and try to not look suspicious.

50:00 - 55:00: Play charades with your seat mates. Avoid mimmicking any actions such as "lighting a cigarette" or "taking off a shoe."

55:00 - 60:00: Daydream about a world with no terrorists and no flight restrictions.

What other ways are there to occupy time during the last hour of a flight with no personal items or inflight entertainment?

Chris Anderson is the former associate editor of CNNGo based in Hong Kong and is now senior editor at Huffington Post Media Group.

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