Nepalese woman gets lost for 53 hours on the streets of Queens, New York

Nepalese woman gets lost for 53 hours on the streets of Queens, New York

'Krishna told them what she had seen -- the city of the dead, the green deer, the ghosts in tracksuits'
Part of the route Krishna wandered through New York.

New York Magazine posted an incredible story about a Nepalese woman named Krishna, who got lost in New York city for 53 hours. This is a story that suggests traveling to a strange land isn't always good medicine.

Think of Krishna's story as a reverse "Lost in Translation" with hallucinations and ghosts.

Krishna speaks no English besides "home," "mistake," and "help," can't recognize numbers (Nepalese numbers are written differently), and was schooled by her daughter as to the "safety zone" in the neighborhood she should stay within while alone. Walking home one day, she took a left instead of a right. That's all it took.

She was lost wandering for 53 hours, before helping hands arrived. You can see part of the route above, and the entire route on this NY Mag PDF.

A happy ending. Let's hope the same for creator of Japanese manga Crayon Shin-chan, Yoshito Usui. He's been missing since September 12th when he disappeared after saying he was, "going hiking for a day in Gunma Prefecture (Japan)."
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