Wish you were here -- Mikura Island, Japan

Wish you were here -- Mikura Island, Japan

Where there's nearly one dolphin for every human being
Mikura Island, Japan
Making friends with dolphins in Mikura Island is easy.

Mask, snorkel, fins -- check, check and check. Senses were heightened as we sat on the edge of the boat, awaiting the signal. The skipper maneuvered to an ideal location and yelled, "Go, go, go!" We jumped in and within moments dozens of dolphins surrounded us. Some cruised in schools below, others who swam towards the surface were more playful. They encircled us, as curious about us as we them. 

Swimming with dolphins is one of those things you should do once in your life. Or if you can, do it 10 times, because each time it will reinvigorate your child-like perspective of the world. About 200 wild dolphins live year-round at Mikura Island (御蔵島). The island’s population is so small, about 300 people, that the locals don’t need proper addresses; they simply write NAME and MIKURA ISLAND. 

Getting to Mikura Island is weather-dependent. There are helicopters and ferries from Tokyo and neighboring Izu Islands

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