Japanese machine recycles used adult diapers into poo pellets

Japanese machine recycles used adult diapers into poo pellets

Thanks to the techno geniuses in Japan, now even elderly incontinence can be considered environmentally friendly
Hopefully instances of eco warrior diaper theft won't increase too much once the full potential of used diaper recycling is achieved.

The folks over at Crave have reported on a machine in Japan that recycles adult diapers into fuel pellets.

The enterprising company Super Faiths has realized incontinence is a constant, and it just so happens that lots of Japanese are heading into their golden years. And let's face facts, age may bring wisdom and experience, but it doesn't bring extra control over our biological necessities. Things don't heal quite as quickly as they should, the ol' back can ache and act up simply when we get out of bed, and control of bodily functions isn't always at full spec -- hence the occasional need to install a precautionary countermeasure. Everybody has to go, its just that some are better than others at controlling exactly when that moment occurs. 

Enter the adult diaper. 

Because of the growing elderly population of Japan, the demand for adult diapers has surpassed that of diapers for little tykes by 5 to 2. So rather than create more horrifically smelly landfills by just throwing away 5 billion used adult diapers (5 billion!), they can now be turned into fuel pellets.

Like this.

poo pelletsSave the planet -- wear diapers, make pellets.






These pellets can be used to "power biomass boilers and stoves, develop heating systems for greenhouses, hot shower services, and road heating. They could also be used for gas-powered air-conditioning units," says Super Faiths on their website.

Imagine the sweeping implications of used-diaper-pellet powered stoves and air cons. No need to worry about sanitation, as the recycling process includes heavy sterilization. Still, the success of this product will probably hinge on the ability of people to ignore the fact their stove or heating system runs on used diapers. 

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