Disasters on ice: The real competition

Disasters on ice: The real competition

Our extremely unsportsmanlike take on some curious Winter Olympics fashion statements
Sitting at our homes or at the office sneaking a peek at the Winter Olympics half a world away, we have been pretty disturbed, sickened and shocked by a lot of what we've seen. OK they can do triple twists, double axels and still land upright on 3 mm of shiny steel, but what the hell are they wearing?!

Here's the best, or worst of it. So far..

Bruno on ice? Another Sasha Cohen stunt? All we need is Eminem and the picture would be complete.  It's actually Benjamin Agosto and his U.S. partner Tanith Belbin. Ich ein en ice skater.

So 1980s.

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He'll save with a mighty hand
Every man every woman
Every child - with a mighty flash. Flash!
Russia's Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov are arguably a better duo to take on Merciless Ming and his minions than Sam Jones and Melody Anderson. They at least sound more formidable.

Belgium's Kevin van der Perren keeps with the superhero/comic book theme.

It's the new black -- with sequins, sheer see-throughy bits and very peculiar expressions.

You are right -- if we had to wear that garb we'd get all emotional too. Or is it just too scratchy on the nipples?

A real crowd pleaser. Part Karma Sutra, part that weird big dragon thing from "Avatar." Either way, totally fearsome.

As well as picking up a bunch of BRITS music awards this week, Lady Gaga found time to compete at Vancouver. (Love the frock, Johnny Weir).

Yes, we aren't quite sure either. But the folks at the Salvation Army must be happy to have cleared a few racks.

Let's think about this. Brits. In cowboy and gal gear. And with the girl tossing around the guy. Something clearly is wrong with this picture.

Checked shirts are clearly in but Italy's Samuel Contesti forgot to visit the laundromat. His mamma would be molto unhappio.

One third red tunic, one third old tablecloth, one third curtain. All hair flair.