Ogle with Google maps: Street View captures nude Taiwanese girl

Ogle with Google maps: Street View captures nude Taiwanese girl

As the Google Street View car prowls Asian streets, it unwittingly captures a woman in her birthday suit

street view nude Taiwanese girlCurtains are an essential purchase these days.Google street maps captured a nude Taiwanese girl in Hualien city, Taiwan as she lounged just inside a second story apartment window. The risque nude shot was spotted last night by a Google maps user and subsequently spread around the Internet, leading Google to quickly obscure the image this morning. So don't bother trying to find the address.

According to the article, a reporter was sent to the home in question but was unable to get a response from the resident. Understandably so. 

European Union data privacy regulators recently warned Google to alert neighborhoods before sending their Street View cars out on patrol. It would appear that message has not made it across the Pacific Ocean. 

This is not the first time Google Street View has captured odd situations or potentially privacy-infringing moments. Mashable's Top 15 Google Street View sightings highlights some of the Google Maps Street View lowlights since the Google Street View car has begun roaming the world snapping 360 degree shots of neighborhoods. Some winners have been full facial shots of men leaving strip clubs and adult stores, and photos of signs saying things like "the Internet sucks."

A more recent street view top 10 list by urlesque.com has street view shots of sword fights, bike crashes and drug deals, fires and firemen saving a cat from a tree.

As Google continues to document the globe for their maps feature and expand out into Asia (well, maybe not China,) the nude Taiwanese girl spotted in Hualien isn't likely to be the last such instance of a wild Google Street View sighting in the region.


Chris Anderson is the former associate editor of CNNGo based in Hong Kong and is now senior editor at Huffington Post Media Group.

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