Gallery: Cosplay Korea's Monthly Comic World Convention

Gallery: Cosplay Korea's Monthly Comic World Convention

Fiction merges with reality at the Comic World Convention in Seoul

Seoul’s monthly Comic World Convention at Yangjae’s AT Center, is more than just your average animation geek fest. Here, the entertainment takes place both on and off the page. Flooding the center’s front sidewalk and rear garden are hundreds of dedicated cosplay participants, acting out as their favorite characters for the hordes of hungry photographers.

Many photogs have even set up makeshift studios, hauling heavy amounts of gear to capture every fantasy imaginable. Conceived in Japan, cosplay refers to the growing subculture of performance art, most often based on anime -- the Japanese style of animation often characterized by stylish, colorful art and even adult themes. Participants sport costumes and accessories to live out their favorite comic character or hero. The trend is quickly spreading throughout Asia. In Korea, both Seoul and Busan host the popular event.

Gorgeous cosplayer Ciel Phantomotive poses playfully outside the main gate.

Cosplayer Ciel Phantomotive poses again.

Those with a whipping fetish take note. Devilish models pose in the garden.

Sitting angel. A cosplayer in the rear garden waiting for the studio set up.

Cowboy cosplay -- something for fans of the wild west.

Pretty in pink. A cosplay model at AT Center’s rear garden.

Ranka cosplay models flaunt their CD to the webcam for international viewers.

Cosplay warrior stands guard.

A cosplay warrior brandishes his samurai sword for onlookers.

Wizard of sorts. A young cosplay model poses in the rear garden by the stream.

Ranka cosplay model up close.

Cute wins the hearts of fans as this model greets everyone with a wave.

Getting there: Directions to Yangjae AT Center (02-6300-1900) Take subway line 3 to Yangjae station. Get out exit #7 and grab either the 4432, 11-3 or 405 bus. It’s the third stop down from there.

Originally from Ottawa, I spent five years in Holland before finally moving to South Korea. Having made Seoul my home for the last decade, I've had the opportunity to work for The Korea Tourism Organization (where I came up with the idea for my photoblog, HS Ad (where I wrote the slogan for Seoul City's global campaign) and freelance for Time Out, Conde Nast, Morning Calm (Korean Air's in-flight magazine) and Yonhap News, the country's largest news agency.

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