Flightcaster -- flight delays predicted

Flightcaster -- flight delays predicted

There is no way to put a good spin on flight delays. So why not just avoid them all together? Flightcaster appears to help ease the pain caused by flight delays
Not the best news in the world, but better than arriving hours early.
Not the best news in the world, but better than arriving hours early. (Photo courtesy Flightcaster)

As reported in Intransit, a new tool for predicting flight delays called Flightcaster has hit the Internet and iPhones. The folks at Flightcaster appear to understand how much people love arriving at the airport three hours early only to find their flight has been delayed until lunch (tomorrow's lunch).

Choose your flight number or route, enter the airline and select "yesterday," "today" or "tomorrow." Flightcaster will provide the probability of how likely your flight is to be delayed based on factors such as inbound aircraft, departure weather, detailed stats from Flight Stats and other inside information, such as whether or not your pilot has left his keyes in his wife's car.

The company says it can predict delays up to six hours before takeoff.

Flightcaster applications are available for both Blackberry and iPhone for US$4.99.



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