Dressed to drink: Wine bottles get their own Japanese kimonos

Dressed to drink: Wine bottles get their own Japanese kimonos

Amita’s unique gift-wrapping looks elegant and keeps your plonk chilled
Even wine bottles have to come formally attired in Japan.

Stories about fickle Japanese fashionistas dressing their dogs, cats and even rabbits in human clothes are pretty much old hat these days, so how about the fresher option of a new wave of traditional outfits for... wine bottles?

Kyoto tourism specialist Amita has come up with what it calls the Kimono Bottle Wear, which is exactly what it sounds like -- a traditional, detail-printed Japanese kimono for your wine bottle.

At ¥1,890 ($20) a pop, the 23cm-long kimonos are cheap enough to make either novel wrapping for that next visiting-gift bottle or the souvenirs from tourist-infested Kyoto that Amita is clearly hoping for.

There’s a choice of two colors -- red or deep navy blue -- each with the usual smattering of flower prints and leaf designs, as well as an oh-so-trad obi waistband and an insulating inner lining.

Given the habit in Japan of chilling both white and red wine alike, we can see such temperature-preserving fashion for bottles becoming quite a hit. 

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