'Aircraft carrier' spotted on Chinese mainland

'Aircraft carrier' spotted on Chinese mainland

The concrete carrier will never float or fight the good fight -- other than maybe attracting tourists
concrete aircraft carrier
A full-sized replica U.S. aircraft carrier in the National Defense section of Oriental Park near Shanghai. The fake carrier houses a full-on Chinese miltary museum.

A concrete aircraft carrier is being built in Wuhan. For what purpose we're not sure, and neither is ChinaSMACK, which reported the "discovery" of the concrete aircraft carrier. Click for gallery and Chinese netzien reactions.

According to ChinaSMACK, the concrete structure resembles the Russian carrier 'Varyarg,' which was auctioned off to China's People's Liberation Army Navy and is currently dry-docked in Dalian.

This isn't the only replica aircraft carrier in China.

In 2007, I visited Oriental Park (6888 Huqingping Road, RMB50 entrance fee) and its National Defense Park near Shanghai. Part water-park, part replica-U.S.-aircraft-carrier-housing-a Chinese-military-museum (pictured above), Oriental Park is an interesting place. The carrier there not only houses a Chinese military museum with an American SR-71 Blackbird aircraft replica hanging from the ceiling, but also a water ride, old Russian MiG fighters on its flight deck and a smashing view of the surrounding countryside.

So what's with the new carrier replica? Some think it might be for military training, others purely for tourist appeal. One Chinese netzien said of the carrier, "What is the point of building this? Why not build a real one if you have the materials to do so?"


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