17 worst air travel indignities. Vote now

17 worst air travel indignities. Vote now

You’re stuck in the middle seat. The flight attendant hates you. You have to pay to pee. What could be worse? Plenty! Here's our rant...
17 worst air travel indignities

Hope you caught all of that. We certainly feel better getting it off our chest.

So what brought on that cleansing purge of travel spite? Well ...

Widespread traveler outrage over airline baggage fees finally reached a boiling point last weekend when dozens of passengers on a Ryanair flight from the Canary Islands to Brussels, Belgium, staged a minor "mutiny" over excess and oversized baggage fees.

Police were called in by the plane's pilot. One hundred people were not allowed to fly following the disturbance. The remaining 68 passengers endured a three-hour delay.

Ultra-budget Irish carrier Ryanair has a history of pandering to the cheap seats -- literally.

Back in 2009, the airline announced it was considering a plan to make some passengers stand during flights. Shortly after that news, Japan's All Nippon Airways announced it was requesting passengers to refrain from using the toilet on its flights.

Granted, Ryanair's standing-room-only gambit was something of a publicity stunt (and followed an earlier statement that the company was investigating charging passengers to use the facilities). And ANA's cost-cutting measure was framed as a green initiative.

Regardless of clever interpretations and profit/loss excuses, however, this past weekend's baggage fee debacle serves as yet another grim reminder that flying is becoming a more miserable experience for the average Jo and Joe the world over.

Still, paying a few bucks for an oversized bag is small beer -- Or should that be "small peanuts"? -- compared with having the lummox behind you mauling the back of your headrest while he lifts his carcass out of his seat.

There are plenty of other inconveniences that rank ahead on the "screaming babies" scale of air travel indignities.

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