Another Air New Zealand safety video shocker

Another Air New Zealand safety video shocker

Solemn instructions from dour-faced suits are replaced by a Lycra-clad Richard Simmons in Air New Zealand's latest attempt to get passengers to pay attention

Air New Zealand has once again delighted (or horrified) the public with a new in-flight safety video. This time they've employed the dubious talents of camp fitness guru Richard Simmons and a Kiwi broadcaster who was pulled off his breakfast show after he made racist remarks. 

The video, titled "Fit to Fly with Richard Simmons," starts with Simmons shimmying his way into a cabin in his trademark Swarovski-studded tank top and Dolphin shorts. 

In the next three minutes Simmons and his entourage of cabin crew (clad in neon Lycra, no less) proceed to turn just about every safety procedure in the book into a workout.

With lines like: "Let's stretch it out and lose that baggage. Stretch and slide. Yeah! You're a giraffe!" this represents an all-time high (low) in Air New Zealand video efforts.

The airline is no stranger to eye-catching safety videos, having previously featured the hunky All Blacks rugby team (also see the video below) and a cabin crew wearing nothing but body paint.

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Simmons built his fame in the 1980s hosting high energy aerobics videos. Henry, on the other hand, was dismissed from TVNZ's morning show "Breakfast" after making racially charged remarks on air about New Zealand Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand and New Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

As with other Air NZ fun safety videos, the responses over this one was mixed. Mashable proclaimed it “The best in-flight safety video ever."

Some YouTube users were not as enthusiastic. “If there were ever a reason not to fly Air New Zealand this is it. 3:37 of Richard Simmons hell -- go to Australia instead,” says user altidy.


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