World's longest distance to airport departure gate

World's longest distance to airport departure gate

Is that a mirage on the horizon, or is it really my departure gate?
airport departure gate
When he started on his journey to the departure gate it was still morning.

A new study shows that just getting your butt onto the plane is half the journey done, especially if you're leaving Beijing.

China's capital has one of the world's longest treks to an airport departure gates. Direct Line insurance measured the distance between the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 entrance and the furthest departure gate at the terminal.

It came in at 3.2 kilometers.

Atlanta and Zurich follow close behind with 2.09 and 2.04 kilometers between the airport entrance and the furthest gate.

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Hong Kong International Airport is at a rather more reasonable length at slightly over 1.5 kilometers. If you're late, you can still make a dash for it within four minutes.

After all, Taoufik Makhloufi did his 1500-meter run in three minutes and 34 seconds for his Olympic gold this summer. There again, he didn't have any carry-on luggage to weigh him down.

Airports with the furthest distance from terminal entrance to the furthest gate, including shuttle transfers within the airport:

Within the United Kingdom:

Gatwick (North Terminal) - 1.8 kilometers
Heathrow (Terminal 5) - about 1.22 kilometers 

Manchester - about 0.91 kilometers

Stansted - 0.77 kilometers 

Luton - 0.53 kilometers 


Beijing Capital (Terminal 3) - 3.2 kilometers 

Atlanta - 2.09 kilometers
Zurich - 2.04 kilometers
Frankfurt - 1.88 kilometers

Seoul - 1.69 kilometers 

Hong Kong - 1.58 kilometers

New York JFK - 1.13 kilometers 

Amsterdam Schipol - 0.98 kilometers
Dubai International - 0.89 kilometers

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