Which country has the best reputation?

Which country has the best reputation?

The Reputation Institute reveals the countries with the most cred, as well as the most narcissistic
Canadian fan
"I know you love us, because we do, too."

For the second year in a row, Canada is the country with the world’s best reputation, according to the latest research by Reputation Institute, a reputation management consultancy.

Iraq has the worst reputation of the 50 countries listed, and Australians love themselves the most.

The survey, titled "2012 Country RepTrak," asked 36,000 consumers in the world’s G8 -- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States -- to rate the reputation of 50 countries worldwide.

Canada still rules but Europe dominates the top 10

With a global reputation score of 77.77, Canada remained the most respected country. It's the country that people find the most attractive to visit, to live in, to work in and to study in, according to the survey.

The Country RepTrak measured perceptions of countries based on 16 characteristics in three categories: advanced economy, appealing environment and effective government.

Australia took second place this year from Sweden, which was bumped to third. Switzerland and Norway rounded up the top five.

New Zealand, the sixth most respected country, is the only other non-European country in the top 10.

Japan, ranked 12, is the most reputable Asian country. Singapore and Thailand trailed some way behind at 20 and 22.

The perception toward the United States remained unchanged. It tailed Thailand in 23.

China, 43, continues to languish in the bottom 10 in the list for the second consecutive year. Its coevals, in descending order, are Bolivia, Ukraine, Colombia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

Which countries love themselves the most?

In addition to the global score, the institution researched which countries love themselves the most -- the self-image score.

Australia, Norway and Denmark topped the chart of the most reputable countries based on self-perception. 

Turkey has the highest gap between global score (44.37) and self-image score (75.41), closely followed by China.

Japan and Belgium are the only two countries that rated themselves worse compared to the global rating.

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Countries with the best reputation

1. Canada 77.77

2. Australia 75.21

3. Sweden 75.16

4. Switzerland 74.78

5. Norway 73.90

6. New Zealand 72.94

7. Finland 72.05

8. Denmark 71.72

9. Austria 70.55

10. Netherlands 69.52

Countries with the worst reputation

41. Bolivia 41.97

42. Ukraine 41.79

43. China 39.72

44. Colombia 37.46

45. Russia 36.77

46. Saudi Arabia 36.74

47. Nigeria 31.54

48. Pakistan 26.59

49. Iran 21.34

50. Iraq 20.32

Countries with the best self-perception

1. Australia 88.70

2. Norway 87.78

3. Denmark  85.32

4. New Zealand 84.81 

5. Canada 84.49

6. Finland 83.13

7. Switzerland 80.81

8. Sweden 79.14

9. Indonesia 78.30

10. Singapore 76.49

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