Which airline serves the best food?

Which airline serves the best food?

With Turkish Airlines scoring a massive 86 percent for its in-flight meals recently, we want to hear about your own favorite airline edibles
best airline food
From a Michelin restaurant or an airplane? Not much difference in the case of Etihad.

Airline food has had a rough ride over the years, being likened to all manner of barely edible substances including “pure plastic” and even someone’s grandmother

But recent events suggest things could be changing -- indeed, in some cases travelers eat better at 30,000 feet than they can on the ground.

Celebrity chefs have recently jumped aboard the in-flight meal trolley, to try to enhance and improve the state of airline food. Note Heston Blumenthal’s efforts with British Airways and Gordon Ramsay’s attempt at Heathrow.

And a survey released in December 2011 suggested airlines are taking note.

Turkish Airlines scored a massive 86 percent for its in-flight meals on a Skyscanner passenger poll, with restaurant-quality eats including stuffed eggplant and walnut pear tart. In the same poll Singapore Airlines scored 81 percent and Etihad 80 percent.

American Airlines appears to have less culinary talent, languishing in last place with a foul-tasting 47.5 percent.

Last year Etihad announced a move to include on-board personal chefs

But we want to know what you think.

Which airline serves the best food in your experience?

Click to our Facebook poll to vote and also comment below -- we’d love to hear the specific details about the great meals you’ve had on board.