Where the hell is Matt now? And what the hell is he up to?

Where the hell is Matt now? And what the hell is he up to?

Grab the Kleenex, sit back and blub as Matt Harding once again proves that bad dancing is a global phenomenon
where the hell is matt 2012 video
Connecting the world through dance. Very bad dance.

In his continuing mission to turn Interwebbers into teary-eyed, loved-up, global people-huggers, Matt Harding, the world’s most unapologetic bad dancer, has released his latest “Where the hell is Matt?” video.

See it on YouTube here.

It’s been four years since his last video -- which has so far racked up more than 40 million views -- and apparently we just can’t get enough of his elbow-swinging, knee-jerking antics.

This time he once again makes use of a heart-string-tugging soundtrack, but sponsor of his last two vids, Stride gum, has stepped aside to let Matt go it alone. 

No problem. He has already cracked 2 million YouTube views having published the video just a few days ago. 

where the hell is matt 2012Two years, four months and 12 days later, a five-minute video is born.The film is the fourth where the 35-year-old video game designer from Connecticut dances around the world, and sees him bop with locals in around 80 towns and cities.

He rocks out in Rwanda, mixes it up with tribesmen in Papua New Guinea and returns to North Korea where he appears to be doing the “shaking water off my hands” move in Pyongyang.

At least this time he’s making an effort at some form of choreography -- he looks less like a guy standing on a patch of hot sand and more like someone trying, albeit badly, to pull out a few moves.  

But what he lacks in technique, he more than makes up for in unabashed, I’m-awful-and-I-know-it enthusiasm.

And you know what? It works. 

While the video obscures the faces of participants in Syria “for their safety,” for the most part it is a joyous romp, proving that wherever we’re from, whatever we look like, we all have the ability to embarrass our kids at parties.

Matt took some time out to answer some of our questions.

where the hell is matt"The good dancers are thataway."

How the hell did you fund this video?

I earned enough from the last video, and from endorsement deals after the video -- mainly with Visa -- that I was able to self-fund this new video over the two years I spent making it.

Why the hell would you spend good money dancing around the world like an idiot?

To make people less afraid of each other.

How the hell long did you take to make it?

About six months over a period of two years, four months, and 12 days. Having a kid in the middle slowed things down.

What the hell was the strangest moment?

The dancers in Baltimore all insisted there was a thing called the Baltimore Crab Dance. It's what we're doing in the video. I'm pretty sure they all just made it up on the spot.

What the hell was the best place you went to?

I don't do bests.

Who the hell were the friendliest people?

Or that :)

What the hell's next?

Changing diapers. Walking the dog. Taking it easy for a while.


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