Turbulence after Victoria Beckham Twitter pic

Turbulence after Victoria Beckham Twitter pic

Netizens think fashion designer’s photo of herself buckled into a jump seat is cute. Cathay Pacific officials less so

"Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!!" tweeted Victoria Beckham. Ever been on a flight waiting for the restroom and decided to park your butt on one of those horribly uncomfortable looking jump seats the airline attendants sit in when taking off and landing?

If so, you were likely told to move given those seats are reserved for cabin crew only. 

Unless your name is Victoria Beckham.

The former Posh Spice/current fashion designer and wife of the planet’s second prettiest soccer player -- after Christiano Ronaldo, of course -- caused a stir this past week after she posted a Twitter photo of herself sitting with a Cathay Pacific crew member, apparently pretending to make an announcement on her Hong Kong to Beijing flight. 

Some internet users criticized her for putting the flight at risk, others said people need to lighten up. 

Most Chinese netizens who commented on the photo said they thought it was funny, including these Weibo users:

"I think the flight attendant next [to her] will be famous," said Beijing Shi Eer (北京事儿).

"Maybe [Beckham] thinks Chinese women's English is not standard enough," commented An zhi ru su (谙之如素).

"Thank god she's not flying the plane on behalf of the pilot," said Sha Chongyu (沙崇宇).

A Cathay Pacific spokesperson has since responded to the photo, saying Beckham and the flight attendant acted “inappropriately.” And that is not a reference to the attendant's pose.

Though there aren’t official regulations, attendants are advised to decline passenger requests to sit in a cabin crew seat.

The former pop princess was in the Chinese capital promoting her eponymous fashion line and other ventures, including a design collaboration with Range Rover that has her customizing its new Evoque car. 

Her tweets have been tracking her Asian adventure -- this one on Wednesday shows the latest leg of her journey (Hong Kong) and another her partnership with retailer Lane Crawford there. Those heels don't look made for the city's footpaths. 

And Beckham isn’t just impersonating flight attendants. This week, Beckham posted a Twitter photo of herself at a Beijing Starbucks, in uniform, asking “Who ordered the frap?”

If the size of her gams are any indicator, we’re willing to bet she only drinks skinny lattes.