Smoking orangutan forced to kick the habit

Smoking orangutan forced to kick the habit

Photo-happy tourists visiting 15-year-old Tori at an Indonesian zoo are being blamed for her dependence on nicotine
Tori, who became the star attraction of an Indonesian zoo for her penchant for puffing on cigarettes, will be forced to go cold turkey. (File photo)

At Indonesia's Taru Jurug Zoo, a popular orangutan named Tori is being forced to butt out her filthy addiction to cigarettes. 

So how exactly does a 15-year-old orangutan gain access to nicotine sticks, one might ask? From the visitors, of course. 

The Jakarta Globe reports that zoo management have long tried to stamp out her love for smoking, but visitors continue to assist her by tossing lit cigarettes into her cage.

Tori even puts her fingers to her lips to signal that she wants a smoke. Those who don't comply get things thrown at them.  

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Sadly, Tori isn't even the first orangutan at the zoo to enjoy lighting up. Her parents were also smokers.

Staff at the zoo, with the help of the Center for Orangutan Protection, are finally taking concrete action.

The Globe reports that they are planning to move her to a small island in the middle of the Central Java zoo’s lake where she can kick the habit and be kept away from visitors who don't seem to realize that a smoking orangutan isn't cool.

The fact that people are even tossing ciggies into Tori’s eager hands is shocking to say the least. But it’s not the first time Indonesia has made headlines for its nicotine addicts.

In 2010, the country’s lax cigarette laws came under fire after a video of a two-year-old boy smoking went viral. Fortunately, the South Sumatran boy, who allegedly smoked 40 cigarettes a day, broke his nicotine addiction through a 30-day rehabilitation program, according to reports.

Let's hope Tori beats her addiction that quickly too. After all, she is in good company. The Globe reports that when visitors throw lit cigarettes to her new partner, Didik, he wisely stamps them out.