Top 10 augmented reality travel apps

Top 10 augmented reality travel apps

Can't read French? Don't know what that building is? Want to know where to find the nearest station or restaurant? One of these augmented reality apps will help
Top 10 best augmented reality travel apps
We look at the 10 best augmented reality travel apps.

It is the curse of every curious traveler -- you're walking through a new town and you can sense the history, you can smell the restaurant, you can hear the train you're meant to catch, but you have no idea how to get there or discover more. 

Thank God for augmented reality

Now, with apps that cost from nothing to a few bucks, you can lay digital worlds over the top of the real world through your phone's camera view. Suddenly data on hotels, restaurants, shop offers, landmarks, social gaming, even menu translations, is at your fingertips.

Here are 10 fantastic AR apps that every traveler should know about.


Wikitude-augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-Wikitude--image

1. Wikitude 

Price: Free

Platforms: Android 1.5+, iPhone 4.0, Symbian with compass, Bada

Download link:

Voted the best augmented reality browser of 2010 by readers of Augmented Planet, Wikitude comes with a multitude of “worlds” that can be overlayed onto the real world that you see through your mobile device’s camera.

For example, the Starbucks World shows you if any Starbucks cafes are in the direction you're pointing your camera.

Check out all the various worlds you can access, including World Heritage List, Wildlife Parks in Asia, Irish Pubs Worldwide and more, by clicking here


augmented reality-top ten apps-architecture-travels--image

 2. Layar: ArchINFORM

Price: Free

Platforms: Android 1.5+, iPhone 3.1+

Download link:

A nifty AR layer for architecture buffs. ArchINFORM is available as a real-world-overlay on Junaio, Layar and Wikitude, but Layar’s version comes with special features. 

It's a huge database of interesting architectural works, existing and yet-to-be-built, that you can search for with architect names and/or keywords.

Within the 3D layer, there’s an AR-view perspective map and a walkable pedestrian route can be shown for every listed piece of architecture within the specified neighborhood. 


augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-Lonely-Planet--image

3. Lonely Planet Compass City Guides

Price: US$4.99

Platforms: All Android

Download link: Available in the Android Market

This is for those who travel by the Lonely Planet gospel, but can’t be bothered to lug around their tomes. Now all their expert advice for 25 key cities around the world is available on an Android screen complete with GPS-enabled maps and augmented reality camera views.

Selected cities include Amsterdam, Bangkok, Boston, Istanbul, Prague, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Vancouver. 


Augmented reality hot spot finder

4. Etips City Guides

Price: US$0.99-4.99

Platforms: iPhone 3.1+

Download link: 

Etips provides daily itineraries as well as GPS-enabled maps and on-screen recommendations of nearby hot spots using the camera view. 

Etips provides 131 different apps for the iPhone and 49 different apps for the iPad, covering various cities worldwide.

Bonus feature: even if you’re not connected to the Internet, much of the content is available offline. 


augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-restaurant review--image

5. BuUuk

Price: Free

Platforms: All Android, iPhone 3.1+, Symbian

Download link:

A restaurant recommendation app, not unlike Urbanspoon. You can find nearby restaurants in camera view as well as where special deals are available. The data is user generated (140 characters or fewer, with links to Twitter and Facebook), and users can accompany their reviews with pictures. 

BuUuk covers primarily Asian cities, but is expanding with Sydney, Perth, Phuket and Jakarta being recent additions.


Tag your friends in real time with this augmentated reality app

6. Sekai Camera

Price: Free

Platforms: Android 2.1+, iPhone 3.1+

Download link:  

Real-time air tagging, where air tagging means things people have written, photographed or said (using the voice message system) about stuff. These then float in your camera view like digital sticky labels.

You can comment on others' air tags or just view the info about nearby restaurants, hotels and so on.

Sekai Camera also features augmented reality games through various Sekai apps such as Sekai Cafe AR, which allows you to "build" an AR cafe in a real location and do business with other users.


Augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-train station finder--image

7. Metro AR Pro

Price: US$0.99

Platforms: iPhone 3.1+

Download link: 

Find the nearest metro or subway station in Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Mexico, London or Paris.

Granted, it’s possible to do this in Google Maps, but there’s something fun about seeing the stations floating in camera view with the distance from your current location indicated.


Augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-Singapore map--image

8. Waalkz

Price: Free

Platforms: iPhone 3.0+

Download link:  

Download informative walking tours and let them guide you through Singapore’s heritage Arab Quarter, Boat Quay, Chinatown and Little India neighborhood.

Check out the opium dens of old, sit in souk-like cafes, wander through temples and mosques. See sites pop up in camera view as you walk and once it's downloaded there's no need to be online to use it.

Would be great to see this extended to other cities.


Augmented reality-top ten apps-travels-catch butterfly--image

9. iButterfly – Coupon & Entertainment

Price: Free

Platforms: iPhone 3.1+ (Japan iTunes store only)

Download link: 

An augmented reality game created by advertising agency Dentsu that allows users to catch and collect "butterflies" that pop-up in camera view.

Once caught, the butterflies release offers for nearby shops and restaurants as well as other informative content.

Japan only at the moment, but soon to extended to the rest of Asia.


Google goggles-Google translate- Augmented reality-top ten ap-travel apps--image

10. Google Goggles in Google Mobile

Price: Free

Platforms: Android 1.6+, iPhone 4.0

Download link: Android Market and iPhone

Google Goggles is still in Google Labs stage, but this is a visual search app to watch. Take a picture of famous paintings, wine labels or bar codes among other things and Google Goggles will return information on the image captured.

Of most practical use is the translation function. Photograph text (for example a menu item) in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish and have it translated into one of those other languages.

While slower than Word Lens, it offers the capability to translate more languages.


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