Twin Towers still stand in Chinese theme park

Twin Towers still stand in Chinese theme park

An attraction in Window of the World acts like nothing ever happened on 9/11

Twin Towers in Windows of The WorldIn Shenzhen, China, the Twin Towers are still standing at the Window of the World theme park.

Brent Deverman CNNGo

Brent Deverman is CNNGo's web development manager and owner of, an online guide to Shenzhen.

In Shenzhen, China, there is a fantasyland where the September 11 tragedy never happened.

The theme park Window of The World (世界之窗) includes a miniature Manhattan. The "Fly over America" section of the park does not reflect or educate about the tragedy, even 10 years later.

The Twin Towers are still standing, playing a starring role in a pre-9/11 landscape.

Sure, these miniature models of New York were built before the planes crashed. But shouldn't this happy theme park reflect on the tragedy?

When will it be time to update the model to reflect reality? Are these buildings still standing out of laziness? Is it ignorance?

Or should this be considered a tribute, something to help us remember?

Shenzhen must validate its international claims

Shenzhen City continuously claims to be an international city. Countless redbacks were spent to hold the Universiade sporting competition.

Yet given the inaction on this theme park attraction, the city again falls short in its goal to become a creditable, cosmopolitan city.

Considering how long it took to make a decision on building the 9/11 memorial, maybe management was just waiting to see what would replace the towers.

Now that the September 11 museum is set to open, it is time to change the attraction, to showcase Shenzhen as a city for the future, not one stuck in the past.

In addition, it also needs to take responsibility for educating an under-privileged section of the Chinese population.

Some Chinese still need to learn about 9/11

When the planes flew into the World Trade Center Towers, I was at a friend's house in Shenzhen and watched in shock and disbelief. Many of the Chinese in Shenzhen had sympathy.

Taxi drivers would talk to me about Bin Laden, and about how strong America was with the wars we were waging.

But 10 years ago the ordinary people, who today come from the countryside to visit the theme park, could not afford TVs or even newspapers allowing them to witness what happened.

For them, 9/11 did not happen, and now, finally able to afford a trip here, this park does nothing to help inform them of these world-changing events.

The towers' presence is an embarrassing lapse at best, an anti-educational error at worst. It is time to update it.

Window of the World charges RMB 140 for a day pass. After 7.30 p.m. entrance to the park drops to RMB 50. (View Window of the World Place Listing)

What do you think? Should the theme park update this feature or do you consider this a memorial to those who died? Scroll through the images below, and let us know in the comments. 

The opinions of this piece are solely those of Brent Deverman, CNNGo's web development manager and a long-time resident of Shenzhen.

Fly over America Section at Windows of the WorldThe Fly Over America section of the theme park contains miniature replicas of the White House, Mount Rushmore and Manhattan.

Manhattan Angle 2Another angle on Manhattan, still with two skyscrapers that shouldn't be there.

Real Skyscraper vs. Twin TowersA real skyscraper can be seen in the distance breaking the fantasy illusion.

New York Harbor Paddle BoatTourists can also paddleboat around the New York Harbor.

Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty stands watch over the sunset in front of the miniature Manhattan.


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