The Solarve Bus: Sanyo’s clean, green solar-powered machine

The Solarve Bus: Sanyo’s clean, green solar-powered machine

The Solarve Bus uses solar panels and air scrubbers to provide a high-tech, hygienic ride
Solarve Bus
Sanyo’s clean, green solar machine. Solar power provides the juice for the bus's lights, and air filters keep gross air from harshing your healthy vibe.

We all know Japan is second only to Singapore when it comes to keeping things clean, so it’s little surprise to see the country’s captains of industry come up with a futuristic vehicle called the Solarve Bus (a contraction of "Solar Vehicle") that’s sparkly both inside and out.

Sanyo and Ryobi teamed up to outfit (Japanese) the standard road-going bus with solar panels on the outside to generate power and some nifty air scrubbers in the cabin for the passengers to enjoy cleaner air.

While the solar cells currently only power the Solarve Bus's interior lighting, Sanyo’s prowess in the field of photovoltaics is such that it probably won't be long before some of that solar energy is used as a driving force for the whole bus. Aspirations aside, the Solarve Bus is the world’s first to use solar power in this way, thereby reducing fuel that would otherwise be burned to power the electrical systems.

As for the air purifiers, the oddly named Eneloop Air Fresher (Japanese) units deployed inside the bus are similar to those we saw recently in a Hollywood theater in that they are supposed to virtually eliminate all manner of airborne nasties. Sanyo says they filter out 99 percent of viruses, bacteria and general filth from the Solarve Bus's cabin air, making it that much harder for coughs and sneezes to spread diseases.