The perfect plane: Beds, cocktails and no kids

The perfect plane: Beds, cocktails and no kids

A survey finds that, in an ideal world, air time would consist of entertainment, relaxation and trying to find a partner

Forget speed dating, it's a singles section seat on one of these fantasy planes that you need to book.

Planes should no longer be mere transportation tubes. The ideal airplane should also be a source of entertainment and relaxation. 

That's what a survey from flight-search company Skyscanner found, when it asked 1,000 travelers what features they would like to see on their fantasy perfect plane. 

One-fifth of respondents said they wanted capsule-style bunk-bed units for a completely flat snooze.

A close second was a soundproof section for kids. Anti-kick seats and massage chairs were also popular.

Perhaps a little more perplexing was the demand for a singles section where passengers not in a committed relationship could mingle with other singles. After all, there's nothing more romantic than being trapped with other desperate singles in a tin can in the air.

The desire for transparent floors and ceilings on a plane was also a bit of a head-scratcher, but perhaps that's just this author's personal fear of flying.

It would be continuous vertigo whenever I walked to the bathroom. Or I could keep my eyes closed and feel my way over the seats and heads.

To make either the singles section or the transparent walls work though, it would be absolutely crucial to have a cocktail bar to steady nerves, which was selected by 2 percent of people polled.

Top 10 wish list for the perfect plane

1. Capsule-style bunks (20 percent of respondents)
2. Soundproof sections for children (18 percent)
3. Anti-kick seats (8 percent)
4. Massage chairs (8 percent)
5. Free use of iPads (5 percent)
6. Transparent floors and ceilings (5 percent)
7. Singles section (4 percent)
8. Showers (4 percent)
9. Cinema (3 percent)
10. Cocktail bar (2 percent)
Other (23 percent)

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