Outrageous! US$32 for hotel Wi-Fi and other holiday rip-offs

Outrageous! US$32 for hotel Wi-Fi and other holiday rip-offs

Travel booking site Skyscanner finds the top 10 most-hated costs among travelers
Holiday rip-offs
Using all your FX on phoning home

The budget flight’s booked, boarding pass is printed, cheap accommodation is sorted out. All that’s left is to lament the undoing of all your bargain hunting when you use an ATM abroad.

According to European travel booking site Skyscanner's latest survey, the price of withdrawing cash abroad is the cost travelers hate most.

That's closely followed by paying for organized tours and excursions. According to the survey, the tours were often "overhyped, overrated and overpriced."

Hotel Wi-Fi is the third biggest rip-off -- "a real bugbear for travelers," said Skyscanner, with some hotels charging a staggering US$32 per day.

Taxi fares were the fourth most-hated rip-off while credit card charges rounded out the top five, on a par with paying for a sunbed.

The Europe-based travel booking site carried out the survey and interviewed more than 600 travelers.

Top 10 biggest holiday rip-offs

1. Cost of withdrawing cash abroad 19 percent of travelers agreed

2. Organized tours and excursions 17 percent

3. Hotel Wi-Fi 13 percent

4. Taxi fares 9 percent

5. Credit card charges 8 percent

5. Paying for a sunbed 8 percent

7. Duty free ‘bargains’ 4 percent

7. Late check-out fees at hotels 4 percent

9. Buying bottled water 3 percent

9. Tipping in bars and restaurants 3 percent

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