Mildly disturbing scenes discovered in Legoland Florida

Mildly disturbing scenes discovered in Legoland Florida

Among the carefully constructed buildings and replica cities you’ll find muggings, hangings and street-side chokings

Legoland -- a pleasant day out, fun for all the family, full of color and smiling staff and scenes of people getting mugged and choking on food.

Uh, wait up. What?

It turns out that one iteration of the child-friendly theme park in Florida has a rather alarming line in macabre and mildly disturbing “everyday” scenes.

Raymond Walsh, travel writer, blogger and one for the details, picked out a dozen such miniature vistas while on a trip there this year.

“I first noticed a Speedo-clad Lego man with a crab attacking his face and thought it was pretty funny,” he says. “I figured if there was a scene like that one, there had to be others. I was on a mission after that.”

After coming across medieval Lego men hanging from their necks, one poor soul receiving the Heimlich maneuver after appearing to swallow a Lego croissant and other not-exactly-idyllic scenes, he put the best up on his blog.

Some he didn’t realize he had captured till scrolling through his pictures.

“I didn’t discover the Heimlich maneuver scene until later that evening when I was going through my photos. There’s also a mugging at gunpoint scene in the New York section that I discovered while editing as well. The photo was too blurry to include though.”

Walsh thinks the scenes are part deliberate, to give adults and older kids a kind of twisted scavenger hunt during the day, and partly due to the fact that 100 master Lego builders took two years to create the park, and needed a way to entertain themselves.

We’ve got some of the scenes below -- check out the rest on Walsh’s blog, Man on the Lam.

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Public hanging

legoland hangingIs this how the master builders felt after two years working on Legoland? Or how parents feel after two hours in the place? So many levels.

Suspicious ice cream truck

legoland ice creamSome screaming, a policeman, and is that a schoolboy with his backpack or a thief running away? No sign of ice cream though.


Heimlich maneuver

legoland choking“Big points for storytelling: knocked over plants, abdominal thrust, right down to the expelled object. Sadly, I think it’s a just a croissant. That’s too bad -- the irony of a Lego choking on a small child would have been sublime,” says Walsh.


Crazy cat lady

legoland cat ladyShe’s got curlers, she’s got crazy eyes, and she’s got cats. Lots and lots of Lego cats.


Shark-infested pond

legoland sharkJust when you thought being an itsy-bitsy Lego man was bad enough, someone throws you in a puddle and builds a Lego shark.