London taxis voted best in the world

London taxis voted best in the world

Plus: Who are the world's worst tippers?
Nearly a third of all respondents picked London cabs, ranked as the world's priciest, as their favorite ride.

World travelers consider London cabs the best in the world, despite recognizing that they’re also the priciest, a new survey finds.

In a survey conducted internationally among some 5,000 travelers, an overwhelming 28 percent picked the roomy London black cab as their favorite.

Coming in second are New York’s yellow cabs, which won the hearts of 9 percent of all respondents, while Hong Kong’s red taxis, at 7 percent, took third place.

Tokyo and Singapore round up the top five.

Superlative quality comes with a superlative price tag, however. The world’s favorite cab is also considered the world’s most expensive, snatching 20 percent of the votes in the pricey category. A six-kilometer, 16-30 minute cab ride in London can cost up to £26 (approximately US$42) at night on public holidays.

The cheapest? Thailand’s tuk-tuks, although they are also voted worst in the world for quality of driving (32 percent), cleanliness (22 percent) and safety (36 percent).

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Cabs in the Big Apple are perceived as the most readily available, although travelers also noted that their drivers are the most clueless about their area of work.

Argentineans are the worst tippers, with 34 percent admitting to never tipping their taxi drivers.

Hong Kongers are the world’s most generous, with 80 percent of passengers tipping by rounding up the fare.

We're not surprised, considering how most Hong Kong cab drivers routinely keep their passengers' small change without asking.

Results also show that Koreans and Germans are the most easily annoyed by small talk, with around a third of them picking “chatty drivers” as their crowning pet peeve.

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The world’s favorite taxis:

1. London: 28 percent

2. New York: 9 percent

3. Hong Kong: 7 percent

4. Tokyo: 7 percent

5. Singapore: 6 percent

6. Bangkok: 6 percent

7. Berlin: 4 percent

8. Helsinki: 4 percent

9. Dublin: 4 percent

10. Madrid: 4 percent

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