Legoland Hotel Malaysia set for 2014 launch

Legoland Hotel Malaysia set for 2014 launch

In this hotel, "designed from a child's-eye view," even the French fries look like Lego

Legoland Hotel MalaysiaSo far, only the model of Legoland Hotel Malaysia has been finished.Tired of the usual cookie-cutter hotel rooms and safe, neutral colors? Check out Legoland Malaysia as a potential next holiday.

The park has announced plans to open Asia's first Legoland Hotel in 2014, adjacent to the theme park in Johor.

The 249-room hotel is not built with Lego bricks but visitors can still expect to find the little plastic cuboids everywhere. Even the fries in the restaurant are shaped like them. 

Unusual for a hotel, children were front of mind during the design phase.

Legoland Hotel MalaysiaToo bad the receptionist isn't dressed up as a Lego man.

"Legoland Hotels are the first ever hotels designed from a child’s-eye view," said Siegfried Boerst, general manager of Legoland Malaysia. 

Child-friendly features include a low counter in the restaurant and treasure chests full of Lego bricks in bedrooms. All the rooms -- themed along Pirate, Kingdom and Adventure lines -- are equipped with interactive challenges to keep your kids occupied.

Hopefully that will give exhausted parents the chance to enjoy a break after touring the 30-hectare theme park for the day.

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Johor as the next amusement park haven 

Legoland Hotel Malaysia will become the fourth Legoland Hotel in the world, after the Legoland Windsor resort hotel that opened earlier this year and one in California that will open in 2013

It is a joint venture between Merlin Entertainments Group, which owns the Legoland brand, and LL Themed Hotel SdnBhd, a Malay company that is part state-owned and part private real estate company. 

The Legoland theme park and hotel will cost RM720 million (US$236 million) to build, according to Legoland Malaysia representatives. 

Legoland Hotel MalaysiaLegoland Windsor resort hotel: the only time you wish the check-in process lasted longer."The opening of the Malaysia Hotel in 2014 will also create an integrated destination resort experience for families, allowing them to spend longer quality time together exploring and enjoying the Legoland Malaysia offerings and the region," said Boerst.

As well as providing accommodation for visitors to Legoland, the hotel is also likely to attract tourists visiting three other theme parks planned for Johor this year.

These are: Little Big Club theme park (featuring Bob the builder and Thomas the train, among others); Hello Kitty Town; and Lat's World -- the theme park of the local cartoonist Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, commonly known as Lat which will all be housed in a four-story "family entertainment center."

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Legoland Hotel MalaysiaKids are free to do what they are best at -- deconstruct.

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