IKEA to build 100 budget hotels across Europe

IKEA to build 100 budget hotels across Europe

But there's no room for the famed IKEA furniture?
Don't expect to see the brand featured on or in the hotels.

We adore IKEA for its affordable furniture, odd product names like the 'Grönkulla' and, of course, for its Swedish meatballs.

Will the same affection be reserved for its budget hotels?

Inter IKEA Group, which owns the IKEA trademarks, announced this week it will build 100 budget hotels across Europe.

The first will be built in Germany in 2014, though the company said it's too early to specify exactly where. Other potential locations include Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Britain, Poland and across Scandinavia.

But don't expect IKEA's signature flat-pack furniture or Grönkulla duvet sets. Nor will the hotels be named after the company.

Inter IKEA's role will mainly be building the hotels with the chain to be run by an established hotel operator.

The concept and the furnishings are entirely for the partnered hotel operator to determine, a company rep told us.

Details of the partner were not made available. Stay tuned for more.

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