Hong Kong timelapse: Views from the world's highest hotel

Hong Kong timelapse: Views from the world's highest hotel

A great timelapse video shows Hong Kong life from the top of the Ritz-Carlton
Take pictures from the top of the Ritz-Carlton.

Some great shots have emerged of Hong Kong from 500 meters up, on top of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. 

AOL Travel sent senior editor Chris Anderson to the 111th and 118th floors of the world's highest hotel in the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon, where he took timelapse shots of the cars, boats and daily life of Hong Kong down below. 

"The Ritz provided a fantastic platform to shoot from," he said in this post from AOL Travel. "In the video you can see Kowloon in the first segment. The second bit shows Kowloon with the main island across Victoria Harbor. The third clip shows ferries zooming around with Sheung Wan in the distance and the fourth is where the main Hong Kong commercial port traffic flows."

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel opened in March this year, becoming the highest hotel in the world.

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