Prachanda, former Maoist rebel leader, endorses guidebook 'The Guerrilla Trek'

Prachanda, former Maoist rebel leader, endorses guidebook 'The Guerrilla Trek'

Head of the Nepalese Maoist party hopes that war tourism will bring in some much-needed tourist dollars to the Himalayan nation
Prachanda The Guerilla Trek
Prachanda's path: "The Guerrilla Trek" offers a map and details of the rebel Maoist army's trail across Nepal.

Prachanda, the former leader of the Nepalese Maoist rebels, has launched "The Guerrilla Trek," a guidebook for hiking the Maoist guerrilla army's campaign trail.

Last year, a similar trek lasting 11 days was promoted as part of the Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign. 

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"The vision (of the book) is more or less showing visitors how the people's war began and spread," Prachanda said at the October 2 launch of the book organized by the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu.

"The people's revolution will be of no value unless the country goes through an economic transformation. I hope 'The Guerrilla Trek' will play an important role." 

Produced by American travel author Alonzo Lyons, "The Guerrilla Trek" is currently available on Amazon for US$17.

Prachanda -- whose full name is Puspa Kamal Dahal -- hopes that the book will attract more people to visit the impoverished Himalayan country. 

Prachanda headed a decade-long bloody insurgency to abolish the country's monarchy before being sworn in as prime minister in August 2008. He resigned in May 2009 but remains chairman of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Nepal is famed for its mountain trails snaking through stunning natural scenery. "The Guerrilla Trek" takes visitors beyond the usual Everest and Annapurna routes and leads them through the villages that witnessed the civil war. 

The trek begins near Pokhara and travels across central and western Nepal. The hike lasts 19 days, but travelers cam opt for shorter treks. 

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