Fact or fiction? Pilotless flights to become reality

Fact or fiction? Pilotless flights to become reality

We've heard of autopilot, but this is ridiculous ... isn't it?

pilotless planeWe may have to get used to scenes like this.

Boarding a plane that has no pilots in the cockpit -- scary or exciting? Fictional or the future?

This wacky idea has been put out there by aviation experts in Australia who are in the process of introducing what could be the first unmanned cargo flights.

A drones Harfang Drone technology may be used to fly you to your holiday resort in a few decades.Australian website news.com.au says unmanned civilian planes could be only a short step away from that, as “drone” technology made famous by the United States military becomes more widespread and advanced.

Instead of being piloted from a cockpit in the plane, associate professor Duncan Campbell, director of the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation at the Queensland University of Technology, told news.com.au that planes could be piloted remotely from the ground.

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