Facebook confirms what we’ve known for years -- people like to brag about travel

Facebook confirms what we’ve known for years -- people like to brag about travel

Updating relationship status is important, but research says showing off travel pics and adventures is the ultimate reason to use Facebook. Duh
"Great Wall photo? Shared. Now, all we need to do is get that Peking duck photo on Facebook."

Is drinking in beach bars with strangers in Bali till 2 a.m. more fulfilling than getting married and having kids?


Well, that's how we might interpret a new report from Facebook, anyway.

The social media site has launched a new page, Facebook Stories, which each month aggregates shared stories connected by a different theme.

This month's theme is “Remembering."

As part of the theme, more than 200,000 major life events on user timelines have been compiled into a report called Sharing Life’s Major Moments.

The report ranks the types of stories people most often share on Facebook.

The result? A large part of Facebook's success can be explained by travel -- more precisely, by showing off vacation photos.

Getting Likes -- the new measure of success for trips?

Travel stories take up 42 percent of the list's major moments.

Canadians and all people between the ages of 55 and 64 share travel stories most often.

Moving follows distantly (18 percent). Then comes relationship status updates.

Facebook, it would seem, is the greatest thing to happen to travel pics since the invention of one-hour photo developing.

The days of flipping through photo albums at post-vacation dinner parties are over. Now we update status and check-in from the moment we board that CX755 to Bangkok.

Then, of course, sit back and wait for the jealous "Likes" to start pouring in.

Travel's popularity on Facebook can likely be explained by frequency: most people switch partners, get married and have babies less often than they leave home (we hope).

Teenagers, for instance, who travel less frequently, typically have more complicated things to take care -- new relationships and breakups.

The report also indicates that when not sharing travel stories or relationship updates, Japanese Facebook users have an unusual tendency to share news of getting new glasses. A conversation starter the next time you're in Tokyo, maybe.

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