Etihad offers on-board chefs for passengers

Etihad offers on-board chefs for passengers

Come October we may have to rethink our take on airplane food as one carrier introduces "five-star restaurant-style" meals
Etihad Airways
An item on Etihad Airway's current Diamond First class menu. By the end of this year, it will look even better.

Etihad Airways will have chefs on board cooking for passengers in their Diamond First class cabins by the end of this year, the airline has announced.

“This development will enable us to offer a five-star restaurant style of service in the sky,” said Etihad Airways chief executive officer James Hogan.

“For example, our First class guests [will receive] the opportunity of having their personal chef tailor-make dishes based on their individual tastes and preferences.”

The chefs will also be responsible for developing menus for the airline’s flights and airport lounges.

Flight of fancy food

The Abu Dhabi-based airline has already started recruiting 100 chefs this year with formal culinary training and experience in hotels, restaurants and culinary institutions from around the world.

The on-board chefs will be trained by chef Thomas Ulherr, who won three gold medals in the IKA Culinary Olympics, a international cooking competition. His award-winning creations reportedly include “zatar bread spoon with lamb fillet in falafel crust” and the “sumaq bread spoon with quail breast in spinach fig blanket.”

Sounds good. His next challenge then is to put those together on a plane, turbulence and all.

The new chef service will be introduced on selected routes from October this year and will be available on all flights offering First class by the end of 2011, the airline said.

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