Brazilian inventor designs mask to charge iPhones via breathing

Brazilian inventor designs mask to charge iPhones via breathing

A green, geeky alternative to your all-in-one travel adaptor
aire mask
The Aire provides power anywhere, anytime.

Here’s a brilliant and hilariously geeky gadget for the travelers who won't have easy access to electrical outlets.

The Aire, created by Brazilian inventor João Lammoglia, is a mask that converts the user’s breathing into energy to recharge an iPhone or MP3 player.

“Inside the unit there are small wind turbines that make the conversion, then the energy is transferred through a cable to the device,” says the official website, which also introduces the MOOV, another alternative charger which harnesses energy from jogging and walking via a legband.

aire mask May we suggest adding a snore muffler? Although the Aire has been around for awhile -- it was developed in July 2011 and won the “best of the best” red dot design award in 2011 -- it has been garnering attention only recently on various tech blogs and radio news. 

Technabob introduced it as “How Darth Vader charges his iPhone.” Other blogs are happily punning away about how the mask "breathes new life" into your phone. 

We’re not sure who would actually be caught dead running outside looking like Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles, but the alternative concept, we love. 

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