Hong Kong taxis now accepting Visa

Hong Kong taxis now accepting Visa

Limited to 100 AutoTAXIs for now; new app allows booked cabs to be tracked
AutoTAXI iphone app
The AutoTAXI iphone app allows you to book and then find out where your cab is while you patiently wait.

A pay-by-Visa card system has been introduced in Hong Kong's taxis for the first time.

Visa wave credit card units have now been installed in 100 taxis, called AutoTAXIs, with 400 more scheduled by the end of this year.

Previously, the only way to pay a fare was by cash. Fares lower than HK$200 do not require a signature when paid by Visa in an AutoTAXI.

Also introduced, an iPhone app called AutoTAXI allowing you to book a taxi and also track where it is during the trip.

Some taxi drivers are concerned they will receive fewer tips because passengers will pay the exact fare with their credit cards, reported the Apple Daily. Others told local media they believe their incomes will increase by 10 percent as the new system allows customers who do not have cash to still use a taxi.

The cost to install the AutoTAXI system is around HK$10,000 per cab, media reported.