10 outrageous yachts for hire -- if you're filthy rich enough

10 outrageous yachts for hire -- if you're filthy rich enough

These yachts cost more to charter for a week than most people earn in a year. Don't worry, there's plenty of room aboard to stow your guilt

If all this talk about the Titanic centenery has you hankering for an ocean jaunt, check out these rides.  

Few things are more indulgent than a private yacht charter. 

There are scores of worthy contenders plying the world’s best cruising grounds, but these 10 are guaranteed to make your bank account crawl into a corner and start weeping. 


1. Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon yachtEat your heart out, Jack Sparrow. What: 88-meter mega sailing yacht
Where: Mediterranean and Caribbean
Crew: 16
Sleeps: 12
How much: US$74,000 per day
To charter: www.symaltesefalcon.com
Built by the innovative Italian firm Perini Navi, Maltese Falcon’s traditional sailing rig belies her extraordinary state of the art technology and design.

Record-breaking speeds, courtesy of her lightweight sail rigging, make 10-day, trans-Atlantic crossings commonplace. With head-turning, sleek contemporary styling, Maltese Falcon is for traditionalists who don’t mind a modern twist.

Naturally, she's wired with the latest electronic gadgetry, including Bang & Olufsen sound and wireless Internet with an "always-on" satellite link.


2. M/Y Seafaris

Seafaris yachtHelipad, spa, cinema and gym. Basically a floating hotel. What: 41-meter motor yacht
Where: Australia and South Pacific
Crew: 10
Sleeps: 10
How much: US$18,000 per day
To charter: www.seafarisaustralia.com.au
With its home port in Cairns, Australia, Seafaris was designed to cruise the coral cay-dotted waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

A catamaran hull allows her to navigate reef-strewn waters, allowing guests to drop over the side for immediate immersion into World Heritage dive sites.

Wide-bodied twin hulls create enormous spaces above and below decks for lounging.

Fishing is high on the agenda, making the aft deck teppanyaki bar a popular spot for cocktail sundowners and alfresco tropical meals. Helipad, cinema, hydrotherapy spa and gym keep guests amused.


3. S/Y Montigne

Montigne yachtCocktail parties and teppanyaki -- is this a yacht or the coolest club on the sea? What: 57-meter sailing yacht
Where: Mediterranean and Southeast Asia
Crew: 10
Sleeps: 12
How much: US$30,000 per day (seven-day charter)
To charter: www.charterworld.com
Less than two years old, the heady aroma of new teak still floats from the fine lines of sailing yacht Montigne, a classically styled, three-masted sailing yacht.

Designed for luxury and comfort, large suites can accommodate 12 overnight guests while there's deck room for 100 guests by day. Characterized by expansive decks on two levels, Montigne is a yacht for extravagant cocktail parties.

A grand piano keeps toes tapping, while the dining room hosts a magnificent sculpture of the legendary Dragon Boat, sculpted from a single piece of wood. On the massive aft deck (110 square meters), there’s a full sized teppanyaki bar.


4. Mirabella V

Mirabella V yachtIncludes cinema. "Waterworld" anyone? What: 75-meter sailing yacht
Where: Caribbean and Mediterranean
Crew: 14
Sleeps: 12
How much: US$53,000 per day
To charter: www.mirabellayachts.com
The largest sloop (single-masted yacht) ever built, at a whopping 75 meters, Mirabella has the vast spaces usually seen only on motor yachts.

A full-width owner’s suite, with adjoining study, sports his-and-hers dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Beneath the billowing sails the sky deck turns into an al fresco dining spot, though there's also a formal dining room for 20 if you prefer a little less sea salt on your fritters.

Whirlpool, plunge pool, gym and sauna keep guests entertained when they’re not playing with the ship's fleet of water craft. If it all gets a little too exhausting, guests can chill out in the surround-sound cinema.


5. M/Y Delphine

Delphine yachtFor those who like to look good, even covered in sea salt. What: 78-meter classic motor yacht
Where: Mediterranean
Crew: 24
Sleeps: 26
How much: US$74,000 per day
To charter: www.charterworld.com
A classic motor yacht with impeccable credentials, Delphine saw Princess Stephanie of Monaco preside over the formalities at her award-winning re-fit and re-launch in 2003.

M/Y Delphine was launched in Michigan in 1921 and remains the largest operating private yacht ever built in the United States. Guests are renowned for being the most impeccably groomed amongst the yachting set, thanks to the onboard hair and beauty salon.

A Turkish bath and steam room with mosaic dressing rooms, gym with mini-bar and massage table keep guests happy. Flat-screen televisions are concealed behind mahogany wood panels and original artworks.

6. M/Y Alexander

Alexander yachtOne week = US$1 million. Do I get to keep the helicopter? What: 122-meter motor yacht
Where: Mediterranean
Crew: 58
Sleeps: 81
How much: US$133,500 per day
To charter: www.charterworld.com
This mega motor yacht is based in the Mediterranean and capable of accommodating 81 people in luxurious suites.

M/Y Alexander is more like a mini cruise ship than a yacht. Cinema, full-size disco (yes, with mirror ball), swimming pool and whirlpool keep most of guests occupied day and night.

Spare a thought for the tireless crew, who have 44 bathrooms to attend to daily. If disaster strikes, the fully staffed hospital can deal with most emergencies, though, rather inconveniently, you’ll need to supply your own chopper if you intend to use the helipad.


7. Christina O

Christina O yachtTwo boats for the price of one. One very expensive one, admittedly. What: 99-meter motor yacht
Where: Mediterranean
Crew: 30
Sleeps: 34
How much: US$96,000 per day
To charter: www.charterworld.com
Countless A-listers from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as recent times, have graced the elegant decks of Christina O over the past 70-odd years. The ship was built in 1943.

Steeped in history, she sailed into the 21st century with a massive 2001 refit, retaining integral features such as her central atrium and sweeping spiral staircase.

The outdoor swimming pool converts to a dance floor, and the bridge deck includes a helipad.


8. Southern Cloud

Southern Cloud yachtCompared to the others, US$10,000 suddenly seems cheap. What: 40-meter sailing yacht
Where: Sydney and Great Barrier Reef
Crew: 6
Sleeps: 12
How much: US$10,000 per day
To charter: www.southerncloud.com.au
Sailing between the waters of Sydney Harbour and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Southern Cloud exudes classic yachting elegance over 39 meters of handcrafted Danish workmanship.

Small enough to feel like your own private yacht, triple-masted Southern Cloud is a head-turner when under full sail. Her massive bowsprit extends her billowing sail area to gigantic proportions, making for exhilarating sailing.

Wide teak decks, along with a suspended poop deck, provide the perfect platform for cocktails at sunset. Naturally, considering her Coral Sea cruising ground, available water toys are extensive, including dive gear, kayaks, windsurfers, water skis and wakeboards.


9. Athena

Athena yachtIf sails equal status, Athena is queen. What: 90-meter sailing yacht
Where: Mediterranean and Caribbean
Crew: 18
Sleeps: 10
How much: US$76,000 per day (seven-day charter, low season)
To charter: www.charterworld.com
With a load of prestigious industry awards under its mast, Athena comes heavily credentialed.

Launched in 2004, her elegant lines belie highly technical features concealed beneath an aluminium hull. Three towering masts that rise almost 60 meters above the deck support a massive sail inventory.

Athena offers the romance of sail combined with modern luxury, such as a whirlpool, al fresco lounges dotted with comfy sofas and gorgeous staterooms.


10. Red Dragon

red dragon yachtSet sail and forget about land for a few days. What: 52-meter sailing yacht
Where: Mediterranean and Indian Ocean
Crew: 10
Sleeps: 10
How much: US$42,500 per day (seven-day charter, low season)
To charter: www.charterworld.com
Rolling down the slipway from the highly regarded New Zealand boat building yard of Alloy Yachts in 2007, Red Dragon cuts a striking figure.

Her carbon-fiber mast towers above a mirror-like, scarlet-colored aluminium hull. Red Dragon is a true performance sailing yacht, requiring a highly skilled crew of 10.

Unusually for a luxury super-yacht, Red Dragon is designed for self-sufficiency, meaning she's able to cruise remote waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans without the need to return to civilization.

First published September 2011, updated April 2012