World's 15 best hotels, according to customer reviews

World's 15 best hotels, according to customer reviews

More than 500,000 Expedia customers pick their favorite hotels and resorts
Marrol's Boutique Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia: Bet you didn't know the world's best hotel is in Slovakia.

It doesn't take much for customers to leave a bad review, but it takes all kinds of awesomeness to get them to write a glowing one. 

A recently published list collates the brightest reviews from international travelers.

Global online travel agency Expedia has released the 2012 edition of Expedia Insiders' Select, the company's annual list of the best hotels around the world. 

Based on more than 500,000 guest reviews from site users, the rankings pick 650 establishments from the 130,000 hotels and resorts listed on

Expedia claims to have more guest reviews than any other online travel agency and says it authenticates each guest review by verifying that the reviewer stayed at the property in question within six months of the time of the review. 

In addition to user input, eligible hotels are given a numerical score based on a combination of factors, including value and amenities (judged by Expedia), then ranked. 

The list, which contains the top 100 hotels and resorts, allows travelers to view by theme, such as "beach hotel", "casino hotel" or "family hotel."

Users can also pull up lists by country or city.

Here are the world's top 15 hotels, according to Expedia travelers.

And, yeah, we were surprised by the No. 1 pick as well.

1. Marrol's Boutique Hotel (Bratislava, Slovakia)

2. Hotel Al Codega (Venice, Italy)

3. Hotel Royal Corin (Fortuna, Costa Rica)

4. Hilton Garden Inn Abderdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland)

5. Four Seasons Miami (Miami, United States)

6. Madison Hotel Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)

7. Element Omaha Midtown Crossing (Omaha, United States)

8. Sonnenalp Resort of Vail (Vail, United States)

9. Taj Lands End (Mumbai, India)

10. Mr. C Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, United States)

11. Sotifel Dubai Jumeirah Beach (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

12. Planters Inn (Charleston, United States)

13. Club Arias Bed & Breakfast (Savaneta, Aruba)

14. Hotel Sultania-Boutique Class (Istanbul, Turkey)

15. Turnberry Isle Miami (Florida, United States)

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