Pilots now using iPads to assist their flights

Pilots now using iPads to assist their flights

Qantas becomes the first carrier to introduce Boeing's iPad application on 130 aircraft

pilots ipad A great tool for pilots, or the first step toward pilotless aircraft? Back in April, we wrote about the trend of tablet remote control for luxury yachts.

The latest super cool tech news in the travel industry? Pilots can now use an iPad to calculate ideal speeds and engine settings while they're flying. 

Boeing announced last week that pilots will be using the company’s Onboard Performance Tool (OPT) on iPad by the end of 2012.

According to the company's official brochure, OPT is an application that allows flight crews to make real-time calculations for takeoffs and landings in any type of weather condition on any type of runway.

“We have been very successful in the marketplace with our existing OPT application, but our customers told us they wanted a version for iPad,” John Maggiore, Boeing’s director of Airline Performance Management, said in a press release. 

Launch customer 

Qantas will be the first airline to incorporate the OPT for iPad, installing the mobile application aboard 130 Boeing aircraft.

"All Qantas pilots will carry the iPad with them," said a Qantas representative. "Once on the flight deck, it will be attached to a custom-made mount."

The OPT is currently run on a Windows platform on the airline's Boeing 737 and 747 fleets.

"There has been strong demand from pilots for an iPad solution," said the representative, adding that the response from pilots has been "very positive." 

This is not the only way the airline is embracing the iPad -- Qantas will be offering iPads as an in-flight entertainment option on its Boeing 767 fleet starting October.

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