No more cleavage please, we're flying

No more cleavage please, we're flying

The most offensive thing on a flight? Visible clefts, of more than one kind, according to a new survey
May look good in a bar, but no place on a flight, according to Skyscanner's survey.

The thing that most upsets people on a plane, is, according to a new survey from travel search website Skyscanner, not armrest thievery or jet-engine snorers.

It is a visible buttock cleavage, also known as "builder's bum."

The survey of 2,700 fliers revealed that visible hairy chests, white socks with sandals and sweat patches on clothes are far more acceptable than men exposing the cleft between the two halves of their backside. 

The survey was conducted after an American woman was asked to cover her breast cleavage before takeoff by Southwest Airlines' staff.

"While we're sure that Southwest Airlines were just trying to keep their passengers happy, airlines need to stay abreast of what's really offensive," said Skyscanner spokesman Sam Poullain. 

"If luggage fees continue to rise perhaps we'll see less flesh on display as the trend is for people to wear more clothes on-board to avoid paying check-in baggage charges." 

Worst pet peeves in flights 

  1. Men revealing builder's bum: 28 percent
  2. Sweat patches on clothes: 22 percent
  3. Midriff or beer belly on show: 18 percent
  4. Offensive logos on shirts: 12 percent 
  5. White socks and sandals: 9 percent
  6. Ladies with low-cut tops displaying cleavage: 4 percent 
  7. Men with hairy chest on show: 2 percent 
  8. Noisy jewelry: 2 percent
  9. Football shirts: 1 percent 
  10. Flip-flops: 0.5 percent

Rachel Sang-hee Han is a freelance writer for CNN Travel. 

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