iReport: Where's your favorite airport?

iReport: Where's your favorite airport?

Readers name their favorite airports and explain what makes them stand apart from the rest

Many journeys nowadays start at an airport. That can mean frustrating queues, lost baggage and endless walks just so you can start your journey. 

But some airports make the first step a joy.

We asked you to tell us which they are and why you love them. Asian airports dominate -- that concurs with the recent World Airport Awards (see the story here) -- but Vancouver flies for the flag for Canada too. 

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Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Hong Kong International AirportEfficiency and cleanliness at Hong Kong International Airport.
Many readers picked Hong Kong as their favorite. 

iReporter Jhoanna Lou Albano spent the night at the airport back in 2010, and that was enough for her to experience its charms. 

"I was absolutely amazed at how I didn't feel like the homeless kid that I was then -- I was able to rest and to eat and to catch a few hours of sleep," she says. 

Lou Albano also noticed a crucial yet easily neglected point: the clocks. 

"How convenient that so many clocks were everywhere; when I needed to know what time it was, there was a clock. I believe this helps prevent delays and unnecessary anxiety to travelers nervous about missing their connections, or those too jetlagged to mind time differences of cities and such," she adds. 

Another frequent iReporter, Lia Ocampo, added her praise to Lou Albano's.

"In addition to the basic facilities, it is (the airport's) convenience, cleanliness, huge range of shopping and dining choices and the helpful staff (that) delivers a make-you-comfortable mall-like atmosphere that wins your heart," says Lia Ocampo.

Bangkok International Airport, Thailand 

Bangkok airportAirports and architecture. The combination makes a lot of sense.
Another winner was the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, also known as Bangkok International Airport. 

"What I like about the Bangkok Airport is its architecture -- very spacious and open," iReporter Marie Sager says. 

"They also have little areas where you can sit and get away from the crowd, with little garden arrangements. (It's) so 'relaxful' and peaceful.  Sometimes you can become so comfortable reading a book and forget that you're at the airport. This airport works at making your wait a good experience," she adds. 

Incheon International Airport, Seoul, Korea

Incheon airportIf you have the urge to shop right before flying, this is the place to be.
It would have been strange if the twice-winner of the World Airport Awards missed the cut, but many travelers chose Seoul's international hub, Incheon as their favorite. 

iReporter Lia Ocampo, who also picked out Hong Kong International Airport, says: "Besides the physical structure, what’s impressive for me is the fast arrival of trains, the quick arrival and departure process, and the helpful signages you see everywhere so people wouldn’t get lost. 

"I arrived and departed the airport very late at night. I may not have seen everything, but what I've seen and experienced are proofs to say that it's another best airport in the world." 

Vancouver International Airport, Canada

Vancouver airportNo, it's not the museum.
Art is not something you would expect to see at busy airports, but that's exactly what iReporter Christina Chew found at Vancouver International Airport during her visit in 2010. 

"I have to say, this airport is like a museum -- there are many artworks on display, which focus on the British Columbian theme," says Chew.

"I was greeted by a beautiful aquarium and impressive totem poles when I entered the international terminal. The landscaping is so beautiful and you get to enjoy the nature even though being indoors." 

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