iReport assignment: Why we travel

iReport assignment: Why we travel

As CNNGo asks readers to share their favorite travel experiences, here are a few of our own

In one of our current CNNGo iReport assignments, we want to know why you travel. Essentially we want you to share your favorite travel experience by submitting a photo and telling us how the shot represents that memorable journey you took. 

Here a few CNNGo staffers offer up their own travel experiences and reasons for hitting the road. 

Have a look through ours, then submit your own


Cheap thrills

Charlene Fang, CNNGo Singapore Editor

Charlene's self-portrait, taken on a train from the Cambodian border to Bangkok.

"A couple of years ago I decided to take a train from the border of Thailand/Cambodia down to Bangkok all because I’d heard that there was a small chance of riding on the roof of the train," says Charlene.

"Unfortunately, when I got there, I found out that this was no longer allowed. I was a little disappointed but what followed was six hours of pure entertainment: watching ladies with their basket jammed full of local snacks jump off and on the trains, monks crisscrossing the tracks to catch a ride and even made ‘friends’ with the train security guard.

"To top it off, I had the pretty Thai countryside as my backdrop and the chuga-chuga-chug sound of the train as my soundtrack, and all for 48 baht.”

Perfect pictures

Jason Kwok, CNNGo Design and Photo Editor

Eventually, Jason gets his ideal shot of Tibet's clear blue sky.

"Tibet is a photographer's paradise, however getting the perfect shot is not easy," says Jason. "To capture the best moment, sometimes you have to wait for a long time. Holding the camera up on a hot, sunny day for 15 minutes, waiting for the wind to blow to get the best picture, was not easy.

"Plus, as a film user, you have to wait until you get back home to process the film to see the outcome. There's no second chance. Sometimes I think we have to slow down when we travel to taste the true beauty of a place, just like when we take photos." 

Literary dreams

Frances Cha, CNNGo Seoul Editor

Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul.

"I love seeking out the old traditional villages around Korea because it is like time-traveling," says Frances.

"As I am working on a novel set a few decades ago in Korea, these trips are crucial for providing a setting for my characters, and to get a peaceful respite from the chaos of urban Seoul.

"The added plus is that these villages are also the settings for a lot of movies and dramas, so it’s fun to check out places that you’ve seen on TV as the backdrops for your favorite hallyu actors."

Childish wonder

Don Anderson, CNNGo director of sales and marketing

Don's adorable son Jack enjoys a midday shower at a resort in Phuket, Thailand.

"Traveling with kids. Anyone who has managed to survive this feat will generally talk about it in a more favorable light after the fact than in real time," says Don.

"But after you've made it to your destination and back, and endured all the nappy changes and sudden scrambles for a specific, hard-to-find, overpriced Western food item that will keep your toddler chilled for an hour, maybe two, you sit down and review the results.

"His first experience with perfect white sand, a bucket and shovel. His wide-eyed stares at everything that swirls around him, consuming the sights, sounds and smells with a level of appreciation and fascination that we, as adults, often have a hard time equaling.

"That's why we travel, with kids. They actually help us appreciate the endeavor a whole lot more than we would doing it alone."

Telling tales

Tracy You, CNNGo Shanghai Editor

An elephant shows Tracy's husband a bit of TLC.

"I travel so I'll have amazing stories to tell my future grandchildren," says Tracy.

"Like being kissed by an elephant, risking my life zooming through the jungle on a zipline or exhausting myself climbing in one of China's most barren landscapes.

"Basically, if it makes other people say 'what the hell?,' I'm in."

Intense family fun time

Sita Wadhwani, CNNGo Mumbai Editor

Family bonding in Kenya's Masai Mara.

"I travel to be with family. Because everyone’s busy with their own lives the rest of the time," says Sita.

"I took this picture over a long, boozy lunch in between game drives at Sanctuary Olonana -- an award-winning tented camp on a private stretch of the Mara River at the foot of the Siria Escarpment in Kenya's Masai Mara.

"We'd been up since 6 a.m. and were starving. My father (a wildlife photographer), mother, brother, sister and I started getting on each others’ nerves as only family can do. We fought, one of us even cried. Haha.

"Then a huge hippo floated to the surface in the river right behind, startling us. We cracked up. We forgot we were fighting."

Beers on the beach

Zoe Li, CNNGo Hong Kong Editor

BaliCanggu Beach, Bali.

"I travel to suspend my everyday existence and search for Spalding Gray's perfect moments, when one feels connected to something much greater," says Zoe.

"These moments of peace have occurred in Tibetan temples filled with the swollen sound of chanting monks and fetid yak butter candles, while sitting in silence at the foothills of the China side of Tian Shan before it became a bona fide domestic tourism hot spot and once on a journey through the Taklamakan Desert.

"But mostly, I find perfect moments splayed on a pristine beach in Bali with a Bintang beer in my hand."

To upload your own photo and story, visit the "Why we travel" assignment page. The deadline for submissions is August 1.