Hotel room of the future?

Hotel room of the future?

According to Novotel in Paris, the future of hotel rooms is about Internet tables, interactive mirrors and blank walls
Room 3120 of future
The future of a good stay, today.

What would you like to see in the hotel room of the future? Speedy check-in procedures? Even speedier check-out procedures? A minibar that autofills? 

The brains at Novotel think it's more about computer games, interactive mirrors and tabletops that direct you to a good restaurant. 

Oh, and perfectly white, blank, decor-less walls.  

According to Accor Hotels, parent company of Novotel, the “hotel room of the future” is here, it’s open for business and you don’t have to own a flying DeLorean to pay a visit. 

For the next three months, the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse in Paris will be offering its Room 3120 for €199 (US$263) a night, featuring futuristic gadgets and advanced design features to see just how ready the paying public is to bed down in what is essentially a huge white box with a computer stuck on the wall. 

The room, available for booking (click here) until February 14, 2012, has been created in partnership with Microsoft and will include an Xbox Kinect. 

(Article continues after image)Hotel room of futureIn the future, men will want to leave the hotel room even less.

Other features include: 

  • A Sensorit mirror -- looks like a regular mirror but displays text and graphics with local news, weather forecasts and includes a fitness application in which a computerized character mimics the player’s body movements to catch falling objects. Click here for a video demonstration
  •  A Surface table -- an interactive tabletop that responds to hand gestures to allow multiple users to surf the Internet, play board games or pull up local maps and destination guides. 
  • A glass capsule on the balcony that gives the impression “of piloting a spaceship while playing the Xbox or Kinect with a breathtaking view of Paris,” according to Shaun Soh, communications manager for Accor Hotels, owner of Novotel. 
  • Use of a Windowns Phone 7 and Nokia Lumia handset. 

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hotel room of futureAn Xbox Kinect is the least impressive of the tech features on offer.

There's also a mini-bar and free in-room Wi-Fi, but exactly how many people are willing to be holed up in a not very big white cube for a night or two remains to be seen. Accor would not release details on the number of guests to have booked to date. 

Perhaps that's something to do with the pull-down bed. Yep -- you can ask your mirror to make a restaurant booking, but you need to yank your bed out of the wall yourself. The future clearly isn't quite finished. 

The three-month bookable period is a trial run for the room, which, if successful will be extended. Some of these features may also be rolled out across other properties in the Novotel network in coming months, Soh added. 

Click here for more info on Room 3120