Barbie hits the high seas

Barbie hits the high seas

Tiaras, teacups and 50 shades of pink. Royal Caribbean is bringing the world's most famous doll to its entire fleet
At the Tiaras & Teacups Party, pink pastries and pink lemonade are served on dainty dishes and girls are taught table etiquette. "No toys on the table" is obviously not part of the lesson plan.

Royal Caribbean International is about to get a whole lot cooler with the under-10 female travel set. 

The mega cruise line has teamed up with toy maker Mattel to offer travelers the "Barbie Premium Experience" aboard its entire global fleet of 22 ships. 

What this means is pink staterooms, pink fashion shows and pink tea parties. At least 50 shades of pink, to be sure. 

Well done, Royal Caribbean. The parents look just as plastic as Barbie herself. "Girls can enjoy staterooms decorated in the iconic doll’s signature style as well as exclusive, themed activities throughout the duration of their cruise –- from an invitation-only tea party and mermaid dance class to a fashion design workshop and Barbie Girls fashion show," says Royal Caribbean. 

No word on whether boy Barbie fans can participate, or simply sit back and watch because that's where all the cute girls on the ship are hanging out. 

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The Barbie stateroom is fitted with the doll’s signature pink style and filled with keepsakes such as a Barbie doll and fashions, blanket and pillowcase, tote bag, toothbrush and toiletries bag. 

The Barbie Premium Experience costs US$349 but there's also a complimentary version for kids taking part in the youth program that includes Barbie movie night, Barbie story time and other themed activities, plus Barbie movies on their stateroom televisions.

It all launches in January 2013 on select ships and will roll out to the remainder of the fleet by March 2013. Visit for more information.

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Cruising dads will surely be thrilled to spend their holiday in one of these staterooms.

During the fashion designer workshop, girls can create Barbie inspiration boards and Barbie doll fashions.