8 products to bring you back to life after a flight

8 products to bring you back to life after a flight

Because no one wants to see you looking like Nick Nolte's mug shot at the end of a flight

Air travel brings out the ugly in everyone.

While sleep and a shower would be ideal, quick post-flight fixes are more realistic.

Thankfully, we live in an age of solutions: whatever the ill, there’s a product to cure it.

Whether the paparazzi really await your arrival in baggage claim or not, these eight products will leave you looking ready for some "welcome home, here's a camera in your face" action.

1. Mint mini-wipes

Like baby wipes, but with a touch of minty freshness. Wipe the journey off your face with cleansing mint mini-wipes.

The surge of peppermint does two things: creates a cooling effect and stimulates the limbic system in your brain to awaken you and improve your concentration.

Stop, wipe and celebrate a rejuvenated you.

Mint Mini Wipes, 10 Pack, US$2.50, www.flight001.com

2. Mineral water facial spray

face sprayIf you're posh enough to drink Evian, there's no reason you shouldn't be spraying it on your face. Breathing arid cabin air leaves you dehydrated and fatigued, but it's your poor skin that suffers most.

Enter mineral water facial spray. Spritz the nitrogen-propelled Evian water droplets on your face to give your skin an extra burst of hydration that non-purified sink water doesn't provide.

Pause for a moment, dab off any excess and your skin will be dewy and well moisturized, like you walked through a mister on a sweltering day at an amusement park.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray, Travel Size, US$7, www.drugstore.com

3. Cool mint breath strips

breath mintsBid adieu to post-flight breath stench. If you don’t have time to brush, Listerine breath strips will do it for you -- or will at least make it seem like you cleaned your teeth.

Remove a sliver from the pint-size package and place it on your tongue to get a blast of minty freshness.

Nearly all of the halitosis-causing bacteria will be obliterated in the few seconds it takes for the strip to dissolve.

Feel free to kiss or speak closely; no one will be bracing from fear of your next escaped breath.

Listerine PocketPak Oral Care Strips, 3 Pack, US$4.19, www.drugstore.com

4. Hair smoothing serum

face sprayFor post-flight fly-aways. The mild green apple scent leaves you with that I-just-washed-my-hair aroma.Deplane and de-frizz unkempt locks with this unisex Paul Mitchell smoothing and conditioning serum.

Pump a dollop into your palms and run the serum through dry hair to bring it back to life.

Its conditioning properties will restore your tresses after dehydration and the instant shine erases the memory of your once dried-up, tousled mess.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Travel Size, US$5.75, www.paulmitchell.com

5. Body wipes

body wipes on a planeNot really a shower, but better than the old one-hand-rinse in the airplane toilet.It’s not a real shower, but these Nathan clean-scented body wipes at least leave you smelling like you got under some water with soap and a washcloth.

You won’t need to wet the cloth before use or wash off any soapy residue when you’re done. 

Just wipe the necessary areas and there’ll be no need for shame when you raise your arms to hug someone.

Nathan Power Shower Refreshing Body Wipes, 10 pack, US$5.52, www.amazon.com

6. Wrinkle Wiz

wrinkle wiz sprayIf only there were a facial spray that could make skin wrinkles disappear this quickly. Part of feeling good is looking good and this Wrinkle Wiz wrinkle-be-gone spray lets you smooth your way to neatness in minutes.

Spritz your clothes and press the wrinkles out with your hands.

The Wiz works on most fabrics, doesn’t stain and even eliminates odors. It’s the closest thing to packing an iron in your carry-on.

Wrinkle Wiz, Travel Size, US$7, www.magellans.com

7. Yogurt with berries

rejuvenating foodAfter airline food, fresh berries and yogurt is practically gourmet. Instead of answering the beckoning call of the coffee shop at Gate 23, try a yogurt parfait with berries -- blueberries especially -- before exiting the security area and meeting your people.

Foods high in protein like yogurt offer your body a more long-term source of energy rather than the quick high and sure crash from caffeine.

Plus, you'll need the antioxidants and vitamin C that berries provide to perk up your immune system after the hacking and sneezing fest that took place in the seat behind you.

Available at many airport snack shops, from US$2.50-US$5 depending on size

8. Jet lag relief 

Just crossed 10 time zones? Skip the coffee and use supplements to get back on track. To maintain vigor on long trips, supplement your mornings and evenings with JetPax Jet Lag Relief.

The active ingredients in this travel recovery kit -- like green tea extract and vitamin B12 -- coordinate to help you maintain sufficient energy levels and get your body back in rhythm after jumping time zones. 

JetPax Jet Lag Relief, 6 Pack, US$14, www.flight001.com