Happy Meals: 10 Asia-inspired fast food menu items

Happy Meals: 10 Asia-inspired fast food menu items

Think global, eat local. The taste-bud titillating twists to be found in Asian fast food joints

Fast food menu items in Asia just got a bit more interesting today with Shanghai's McDonalds adding the "McGangbang" burger to their menu. Seriously. Lets take a look at a few more Asia-inspired fast foodie items from the likes of McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC.

Some are scrumptious, others are just plain weird. Read our trusty guide before you’re asked: “You want rice porridge with that?”

1. McSpaghetti

McSpaghetti in the PhilippinesA little piece of Italy in Asia

McDonald’s in the Philippines
At Mickey D’s across the islands, locals can grab a plate of one of their most beloved comfort foods; spaghetti served with sweet tomato sauce, hot dog bits and grated cheese. The Pinoy-style dish has become a menu staple.

2. Bubur Ayam McD

Bubur Ayam in MalaysiaWhere every chicken hopes to end up

McDonald’s in Malaysia
It’s just like Mum makes, only not as tasty and served in a Styrofoam bowl. This version of bubur ayam, which translates to “chicken porridge,” is served with onions, ginger and chili peppers. In Singapore, a similar McDonald’s dish is called Chicken SingaPorridge.

3. Mizza (rice pizza)

Mizza from Pizza HutCombining the best from Italy and Asia

Pizza Hut in Taiwan and South Korea
If regular pizza dough isn’t packed with enough carbs, add on a thick patty of rice. The pie is topped with pineapple and ham, Japanese pork or curried chicken.

4. Bulgogi Burger

Bulgogi Burger from McDonald's in South KoreaPig in a bread blanket

McDonald’s in South Korea
Go figure: The Filet-O-Fish is no longer available in South Korea but Bulgogi Burgers are flying off the grill. Koreans sure love their pork. This monster is stacked with two patties, separated by a layer of buns, along with lettuce, sweet marinade sauce and mayo.

5. Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese egg tarts from KFCThe Goan influence in Asia extends beyond architecture

KFC in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Along with their buckets of chicken legs and thighs, customers can sweeten their meals with traditional Chinese egg custards, similar to those found at a local bakery. They come in three flavors: plain, caramel or chocolate. And they’re good.

6. McAloo Tikki

McAloo Tikki from McDonald's IndiaVeggie burgers are best-sellers in India

McDonald’s in India
Aptly suited for India’s widely vegetarian population, this burger is made of a fried breaded potato-and-peas patty infused with spices. It’s the highest-grossing item on the menu.

7. Sichuan Mala Whopper

Sichuan Mala Whopper from Burger KingThe quickest way to spice up your lunch times

Burger King in China
Burger King turns up the heat on their famous Whopper, smothering the patty with spicy “mala” sauce. Even Shanghai taste buds would be surprised by the kick.

8. Prosperity Burger

Prosperity Burger in MalaysiaClever marketing, with a not-so-clever calorie count

McDonald’s in Malaysia
Offered around Lunar New Year, this promotional item is a beef patty drenched in black pepper sauce (which symbolizes good fortune in business and life), sandwiched between two long sesame seed buns. Warning: After eating one, you may see your waistline prosper as well.

9. McRice Burger

McRice Burger in AsiaRice and meat; makes sense to us

McDonald’s in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand
For those not big on bread, there’s the McRice -- chicken or beef patties sandwiched between rice cakes instead of buns. It’s like a rice bowl, without the bowl.

10. Seaweed Shake Shake Fries

Seaweed Shake Shake Fries in Hong KongSeaweed? Healthier than salt I guess

McDonald’s in Hong Kong
Who needs ketchup when you can have fries covered in seaweed bits? Instructions: Dump your fries into a bag, add some seasoning and shake.

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