101 of the best sports bars in the U.S.

101 of the best sports bars in the U.S.

Every state, every game, every freaking hot wing. There are bars that play sports and then there are sports bars
best sports bars
Sports bars are the easiest places in the world to make new friends. Just wear the right colors and scream a lot.

The rest of the world is great.

But when you’re returning to the states from an extended tour overseas and you’ve seen all of the 10 total minutes of cricket you can suffer, chief among your priorities is likely going to be the gluttonous consumption of beer, buffalo wings and a ball game.

That means settling down for three or more hours at a local sports bar.

But which one? There are plenty of bars out there for sports fans, but very few run by sports fans.

Playing the game on a couple of TVs doesn’t make you a sports bar any more than playing "Caddyshack" on loop makes you a movie theater.

Otherwise this article could have been over with a simple link to the “Locations” page on the Beef O’Brady’s web site.

A truly great sports bar must be awash in TVs, offer an inordinate selection of beers and excel at frying chicken in some form or other.

It’s also got to make watching sports central to the experience; the kind of place that won’t stop until they find the game you’re looking for on satellite and, ideally, play the audio.

So, how'd we come up with our list?

First, we surveyed local media "best of" praise. Then we solicited recommendations from local correspondents, bloggers and sports fans. Then we adopted an "at least one bar from every state" rule to ensure regional variety (see Hawaii and Mississippi for examples). Finally, we incorporated our own extensive experience.

Did we blow the call and miss your favorite sports bar? Add your pick for best sports bar to the comments section.


alabama crimson tide The gang at Tuscaloosa's Houndstooth bar celebrated the BCS National Championship game. But not this list.1. Heroes Sports Bar & Grille, Mobile

Far from the big-box, one-size-fits-all sports-drinking coliseum represented by many of the bars on this list, Heroes prides itself on its independence, with a large craft beer selection, outdoor seating and TVs wherever they can cram ’em.

273 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala.; +1 251 433 4376; www.heroessportsbar.com

2. Rock Bottom American Pub, Montgomery

Rock Bottom never takes its eye off the ball, with more than 30 HDTVs, three 110-foot screens, an outdoor patio, dozens of beers, a hefty burger for 15 bucks, darts, pool and “the tri-county’s only surround sound sports lounge.”

2430 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery, Ala.; +1 334 239 7625; www.rockbottomamericanpub.com


3. The Peanut Farm Sports Bar & Grill, Anchorage

With zero pro or Division I college teams, you don’t find the death-or-glory hometown boosterism in Alaska that you do elsewhere.

What you do get at this two-story bar is a high-ceilinged sports lounge marked by an 80-foot-long bar, 70 flat screens and projection TVs, major satellite packages and a promise to cover the most games of any bar in the state.

5227 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage; +1 907 563 3283; www.wemustbenuts.com


4. Blue 32 Sports Grill, Scottsdale

A thunderdome of televisions in varying configurations ensure that every geometric angle in the bar is within view of no fewer than five screens and, often as not, five different games.

7293 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Ariz.; +1 480 284 5350; www.blue32sportsgrill.com

5. Half Moon Sports Grill, Phoenix

“Dirty” is a distinction synonymous with many sports bars, but not this one. At least, not literally.

Despite the tastefully framed images of eponymous butt cracks (“moon shots”) hung throughout the place, the Half Moon manages to serve its grub without the customary grubbiness.

288 E. Greenway Parkway, Phoenix, Ariz.; +1 602 993 6600; halfmoonsportsgrill.com

6. Santisi Brothers, Phoenix

More than 60 precision-placed TVs form what this sports pizzeria calls the Wide Wall of Sports, a command center for the sportspocalypse.

I-17 and Bell Road, Phoenix; +1 602 789 7979; www.santisibrothers.com


7. Zack’s Place, Little Rock

Sports bars don’t exist in a vacuum, so context counts. And in a part of the planet dominated by nationwide chains, this indie stands tall, with plenty of space, TVs, dartboards, pool tables and exemplary bar food.

1400 South University Ave., Little Rock, Ark.; +1 501 664 6444; www.zacks-place.com


Kobe BryantUnless your name is Jack Nicholson, the only way you're gonna see Kobe this close-up is on TV. 8. Big Wangs, Los Angeles

Adheres to all of the standard sports bar criteria -- countless monitors, rowdies and beers on tap -- but the unique selling point here is the wangs -- er, wings.

Big, saucy and routinely on special, they come bony, boneless, in quesadillas, on sandwiches and all over dress shirts.

1562 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles; +1 323 469 2449; www.bigwangs.com

9. The Boardroom, San Francisco

A sports bar for the tongue-ring set, the sports imagery on the walls tends to be more artistic and the tater tots tend to be more wrapped in bacon.

They show all the requisites -- football, baseball, basketball, hockey -- but the first sport mentioned on the web site’s roll call of viewing interests is surfing. Now you get the name of the place.

1609 Powell St., San Francisco; +1 415 982 8898; www.boardroomsf.com

10. Kezar Pub & Restaurant, San Francisco

Like a millionaire who rides the subway, this unassuming Irish pub humbly hides pool tables, darts, video games, 26 draft beers, 20 TVs and wings that the San Francisco Chronicle has hailed the best in the city.

770 Stanyan St., San Francisco; +1 415 386 9292; www.thekezarpub.com

11. Players Sports Bar, San Diego

The fan presence here is as much national as local -- makes sense in one of the nation’s largest military towns -- with the bar’s 70-plus TVs habitually tuned to the Universities of California, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and North Carolina for their attendant alumni and fans.

7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #213, San Diego; +1 858 277 7060; sd.playerssportsbar.com

12. Ricky’s Sports Theater and Grill, San Leandro

Since 1946, Ricky’s has been accumulating memorabilia and televisions -- more than 90 and counting -- for fans of all sports, but especially football, and especially Raiders football.

Anyone familiar with the team’s fans will appreciate Ricky’s “No Knuckleheads Policy,” making it suitable for families and ensuring that un-punched faces remain that way.

15028 Hesperian Blvd., San Leandro, Calif.; +1 510 317 0200; www.rickys.com

13. South, Santa Monica

South claims to have recently became the first 3D sports bar in America. Regardless, TV manufacturer sponsorship means the place is chockablock with monitors, and its namesake means the menu is stocked with southern victuals.

Rounding out the theme are multiple rooms to keep rival fan bases adequately segregated.

3001 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, Calif.; +1 310 828 9988; www.southsantamonica.com


14. Legends of Aurora, Aurora

Are you ready for some gluten-free football?

Hey, it’s family-owned, so they care about the subtle nuances of their patrons’ gastro-intestinal systems. Of course, they also offer a mammoth cheese steak made from purest rib-eye.

13690 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, Colo.; +1 303 671 0560; legendsofaurora.com

15. Sports Column, Denver

A regular on national top sports bar roundups, this Coors Field-adjacent sports-drinking theme park is ambitious, with all of the beer choices and bombast that define the word.

1930 Blake St., Denver; +1 303 296 1930; www.denversportscolumn.com


16. Pippa’s Sports Café, Danbury

More sports than bar, this hometown hash house attracts an all-ages crowd (read: you can dispense with the prowling) that congregates in front of 28 televisions, including flat screens at each booth.

114 South St., Danbury, Conn.; +1 203 790 9455; www.pippassportscafe.com

17. Rookies Sports Bar & Grille, Cromwell

If it weren’t for this place, there might not be a Samsung. The bar’s 85 HDTVs include wall-size projection screens and individual booth monitors.

51-14 Shunpike Road, Cromwell, Conn.; +1 860 635 1860; rookiesct.com


18. Tailgates Sports Bar and Grill, Newark

Delaware isn’t necessarily known for its profusion of championship sports bars, but Tailgates carries the squad with 22 TVs, various sports viewing packages including DirecTV Sunday Ticket for NFL games, the usual bar menu and regional specialties such as steamed shrimp and Maryland crab soup.

4126 Ogletown Stanton Road, Newark, Del.; +1 302 738 8009; www.tailgatessportsbarandgrill.com


19. AJ’s, Tallahassee

For slightly more college-bar idiocy than most others on this list, this fixture of the Florida State University community enhances its portfolio of 50 TVs -- including five large projection screens -- with Jell-O wrestling and bikini contests among one of the nation’s more cosmetically gifted sports bar populaces.

1800 W. Tennessee St., Tallahassee, Fla.; +1 850 681 0731; ajstallahassee.com

20. The Burger & Beer Joint, Miami Beach

An adequate number of televisions are displaced by monster burgers (the biggest sells for $125) containing toppings like pork belly, homemade stuffing, foie gras and cranberry sauce. Two branches.

1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Fla.; +1 305 672 3287; 900 S. Miami Ave., Suite 130, Miami; +1 305 523 2244; www.bnbjoint.com

21. Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill, St. Petersburg

A mere Rawlings’ throw from Tropicana Field, this converted auto shop is less a sports bar than a sports hangar, the kind you typically find only in Florida. Daily specials before Rays' baseball games.

1320 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla.; +1 727 822 4562; www.fergssportsbar.com

gators Florida's bar stool army often assembles for March Madness victories.22. Gators Cafe & Saloon, Treasure Island

Should the fate envisioned in “Waterworld” ever be realized, this will be our sports bar. The largest waterfront bar in the world offers six separate bars, countless TVs and dock space for the USS Nimitz. Undoubtedly, the flag of the apocalypse will be orange and blue.

12754 Kingfish Drive, Treasure Island, Fla.; +1 727 367 8951; gatorscafe.com

23. Sneakers Sports Grille, Jacksonville

This place is big. Big enough to have recently added a dozen new TVs like it ain’t nothing. Big enough to hang a full-size NASCAR racecar on the wall. Big enough to sustain a missile attack on the outdoor patio that overlooks Jacksonville Beach without disrupting your game viewing inside.

111 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla.; +1 904 482 1000; sneakerssportsgrille.com


24. The Midway Pub, Atlanta

This sports temple exudes a populist appeal. You like bone-crunching NFL games? Got it. PGA match play? It’s on. March Madness? Bet on it. UEFA Champions? You’ll find it.

The 100-plus beer menu is similarly all-inclusive, from Old Milwaukee Tall Boys to rare Belgian grogs served in snifters.

552 Flat Shoals Road, Atlanta; +1 404 584 0335; www.themidwaypub.com

25. The Royal Peasant, Athens

It ain’t much to look at, but if you want to watch English Premiere League football/soccer in this part of the world, this is the place to pull up a stool. Nearly 50 beers at this English pub, with daily food specials like corned beef, shepherd’s pie and poutine.

1675 Lumpkin St., Athens, Ga.; +1 706 549 7920; royalpeasant.com

26. STATS, Atlanta

The bar’s sleek interior looks like the sports-dining equivalent of an ESPN graphics package.

Beyond the aesthetic, STATS boasts a panoply of hyper-American comfort foods, three floors (including a roof deck), 70 HDTVs and tableside taps, which allow guests to pour their own beer.

300 Marietta St., Atlanta; +1 404 885 1472; www.statsatl.com


27. The Shack Waikiki, Honolulu

There’s as much emphasis on “Aloha” spirit and live music at this chain as there is on sports, but this tiki tavern is a reliable place in Honolulu to catch NFL and college football action.

See web site for four Oahu locations as well as outposts in Southern California and Colorado.

2255 Kuhio Ave., S9, Honolulu; +1 808 921 2255; www.shackwaikiki.com


28. Pinnacle Sports Grill, Boise

Pinnacle features more than 40 beers and 13 high-def TVs, a quarter of which form the bar’s massive centerpiece TV cube. Some booths have their own monitors, with connections for other media devices and custom audio feeds.

2902 N. Eagle Road, Boise, Idaho; +1 208 884 4400; pinnaclesportsgrill.com


chicago cubs Cubs fans have their pick of Chicago sports bars. 29. The Cubby Bear, Chicago

Wrigley Field itself is barely larger than the 3,000-square-meter bar, kitty-corner to its historic facade. The raucous fun is spread across two floors and 75 high-def televisions directly overlooking the most charming stadium in Major League Baseball.

1059 W. Addison St., Chicago; +1 773 327 1662; wrigleyville.cubbybear.com

30. The Globe Pub, Chicago

If your experience abroad has you hooked on foreign sports, this is Chicago’s home for soccer, rugby and Afghan carcass polo. Well, in season.

1934 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago; +1 773 871 3757; www.theglobepub.com

31. Murphy’s Bleachers, Chicago

Murphy's is a cozier foil to the Cubby Bear’s outsize bombast; the demographic skews older, and TVs number fewer.

3655 North Sheffield Ave., Chicago; +1 773 281 5356; www.murphysbleachers.com


32. Between the Buns, South Bend

Each booth offers a dedicated television, with seating for everyone else determined by their game of choice in front of a host of flat screens.

Weekends mean a self-serve bloody Mary bar with an exhaustive assortment of fixins, while every day means one-dollar Miller High Lifes.

1803 South Bend Ave., South Bend, Ind.; +1 574 247 9293; www.betweenthebuns.com

33. Blue Crew Sports Grill, Indianapolis

You won’t find a watering hole more dedicated to a team or city; its central bar owes its shape to the Indianapolis Colts’ emblematic horseshoe and the rest of the joint dresses accordingly.

It’s a gamble, but what’s the chance this franchise would ever move?

7035 E. 96th St., Indianapolis; +1 317 841 3901; www.bluecrewsportsgrill.com

34. High Velocity Sports Bar, Indianapolis

A plasplosion of flat-screen televisions forms this picture-perfect dream of a sports viewing configuration. The “next generation sports bar” includes a sleek bar, multiple lady lures (good selection of wine and colorful cocktails), lots of space for large parties and strives for “a high-energy game-watching experience.”

10 S. West St., Indianapolis; +1 317 860 6500; www.highvelocityindy.com


35. Wallaby’s Bar and Grille, Ames

There may not be much room left on the walls of this Iowa State University outpost, but there is room for every major sports package on the bar’s 34 televisions, including those at many of the tables. The food is as homespun as the atmosphere.

3720 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa; +1 515 292 1167; www.wallabysbarandgrille.com


36. Wayne and Larry’s Sports Bar & Grill, Lawrence

Even if you have no idea what “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” means or why it’s central to the Lawrence experience, you’ll find comfort amid this sporteria’s 12 HD TVs and 95-inch HD projection screen. Run by University of Kansas grads who list hobbies like bowling and “every possible sporting event” on their web site bios.

933 Iowa St., Lawrence, Kan.; +1 785 856 7170; www.wayneandlarrys.com


37. Rootie’s Sports Bar & Grille, Louisville

The chicken wing is the official face-stuffing of sports bar-game watching and this is one of its oldest laboratories. There are more than 30 TVs, but only five kinds of wing: mild, medium, hot, honey barbecue and drop dead suicide.

The bar supports both University of Louisville and Kentucky teams and, presumably, all of the ensuing arguments.

12205 Westport Road, Louisville, Ky.; +1 502 365 4681; www.rooties.com


38. Cooter Brown’s, New Orleans

Equal parts sports and oyster bar, there are lots of TVs, character and raw seafood for the iconoclast sports fan.

Additional facets include a selection of beers that numbers in the hundreds and unique bayou delicacies like alligator sausage and shrimp po’ boys.

509 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans; +1 504 866 9104; www.cooterbrowns.com


39. Binga’s Stadium Smokehouse & Sports Bar, Portland

This recent merger of a long-standing sports bar and chicken wing concessionaire is still growing into its jock, but its smoked barbecue, famous wings, 30-plus tap beers and TVs at each booth place its upside sky-high.

77 Free St., Portland, Maine; +1 207 347 6072; www.bingasstadium.com

40. Hero’s Sports Grill & Entertainment Center, Bangor

If you’ve got any time left after suggesting the mile-long name of this place to your buddies, bring ’em on down for all of the flat screens, free popcorn and florescent-lit sports drinking you can handle.

Pats, Sox, Celts, Bruins and, of course, U. Maine Black Bear games dominate the screens.

41 Washington St., Bangor, Maine; +1 207 974 3033; herossportsgrill.com


41. River Hill Sports Grille, Clarksville

Contemporary without being cold, authentic without being a health code violation, the bar hangs 24 televisions over a rotating roster of craft beers and crab-based foodstuffs.

6040 Daybreak Creek, Clarksville, Md.; +1 410 531 7900; www.riverhillsportsgrille.com

42. Looney’s Pub South, Baltimore

You don’t win games by wearing a prettier uniform and you don’t win sports fans with cocktail umbrellas. Drink your beer, eat your hot crab dip, watch your game on a plenitude of televisions and we’ll all walk out of here happy, capisce?

8180 Maple Lawn Blvd., Baltimore; +1 301 617 3593; www.looneyspubmd.com


red soxBoston's sports bars are as great as its teams.43. The Bleacher Bar, Boston

Situated beneath the outfield seats of Fenway Park, the roll door backing this former batting practice room looks out directly onto the field, giving patrons a ticket-less view of the game -- even the ones in the men’s bathroom, for whom a window above the best urinals location in America looks over everything.

82A Lansdowne St., Boston; +1 617 262 2424; bleacherbarboston.com

44. The Fours, Boston

Sports Illustrated’s No. 1 sports bar in America earned that distinction over nearly 40 years, evidenced by walls papered in photos, jerseys and signed memorabilia of Boston sports greats, 42 televisions and competitive clam chowder, all across from TD Banknorth Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins.

Hit the Canal Street original if you can (it’s reportedly one of the nation’s first sports bars), but see web site for other Boston-area locations.

166 Canal St., Boston; +1 617 720 4455; www.thefours.com

45. McGreevy’s 3rd Base Saloon, Boston

This Irish bar claims, among other things, to be the birthplace of Red Sox Nation and the nation’s first sports bar (opened in 1894 by “Nuf Ced” McGreevy), which, even in what-have-you-done-for-me-lately America, counts for something.

Just “1,200 steps from Fenway Park,” McGreevy’s is a perennial winner of best local sports bar awards.

911 Boylston St., Boston; +1 617 262 0911; www.mcgreevysboston.com

red wings At Cheli's, you can eat wings while rooting for the Wings with a former Wing.


46. Cheli’s Chili Bar, Detroit

Across from Comerica Park and within proximity to Detroit’s other major sports teams and venues, Cheli’s sweet spot is baseball season, when its rooftop welcomes 81 games worth of winter-weary Tigers fans. The bar is run by former Red Wing Chris Chelios.

Inside, 36 TVs either ring the walls or drop down from the heavens.

47 E. Adams Ave., Detroit; +1 313 961 1700; www.chelischilibar.com

47. Nemo’s, Detroit

The old Tiger Stadium is gone, but the bar built to serve it almost 50 years ago remains, flipping signature burgers and beers to patrons unswayed by the seductions of more contemporary establishments. It’s a sports bar and a Detroit sports history lesson all in one.

1384 Michigan Ave., Detroit; +1 313 965 3180; cash only; www.nemosdetroit.com


48. Joe Senser’s Sports Theater, Bloomington

Owned by a former Minnesota Viking, this branch of the four-location Twin Cities chain offers user-controlled table speakers, games and every sports programming package imaginable. Check web site for multiple locations.

4217 American Blvd. W., Bloomington, Minn.; +1 952 835 1191; www.sensers.com

49. The Well Sports Tavern & Grill, Coon Rapids

Sixteen TVs, 11 varieties of wings and three very important words: peanut butter burger. Food and drink specials during Vikings, Twins and Wild games and the gaudy claim to “best burgers and wings in Coon Rapids.”

35 Coon Rapids Blvd. N.W., Coon Rapids, Minn.; +1 763 792 0800; www.wellsportstavern.com


50. Sportsman’s Lodge, Jackson

In some parts of the country, “sportsmen” are still defined by how well they track deer or pull fish out of country streams.

Though a manly hunting/fishing theme prevails, Sportsman’s doesn’t let “regular” sports guys down, with NFL Sunday Ticket, a devotion to ESPN College Gameday and lots of local media “best sports bar” recognition.

Maywood Mart, 1220 E. Northside Drive, Suite 100, Jackson, Miss.; +1 601 366 5441; www.thesportsmanslodge.net

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51. 810 Zone, Kansas City

Looks like it was grown in a sports bar lab, but there’s no arguing with the sheer volume of televisions (76), games and corporate funding in this three-floor, 650-square-meter monolith.

4686 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo.; +1 816 268 9663; plaza.810zone.com

52. Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum, Kansas City

One thousand football helmets. Two real Olympic torches. An authentic World Series trophy.

They’re not kidding with the name of this place, which is renowned for its world-class collection of memorabilia, if not food.

323 Armour Road, Kansas City, Mo.; +1 816 421 0002; www.chappellsrestaurant.com

53. Lester’s, Ladue

All Ts have been crossed and Is dotted by the maniacally meticulous and eponymous owner, who invested a half-million dollars alone in the bar’s audio/visual system.

Included are 68 plasma screens and individualized audio at each booth, to go with a “Deli-Q” menu that’s wholly homemade.

4651 Maryland Ave., Ladue, Mo.; +1 314 932 6040; www.lestersrestaurant.com

st. louis cardinals Greatest sports bar in the world.54. The Post Sports Bar & Grill, St. Louis

Plays all your favorite sports bar hits, with TVs gang-tackling the walls, more than 50 beers on rotating special and 100-percent padded seating to cradle your mania.

7372 Manchester Road, St. Louis; +1 314 645 1109; www.thepostsportsbar.com

55. St. Louis Sports Zone, St. Louis

With its more than 60 televisions, including five 100-plus-inch projection screens, be careful not to confuse this with the Brentwood Best Buy.

113 Kenrick Plaza, St. Louis; +1 314 961 3366; stl-sportszone.com


56. Hooligan’s Sports Bar, Billings

Boasts the largest big screen in the state along with 20 new HDTVs. Signature menu items include Black & Tan onion rings, Tongue Transplant wing sauce and the Elvis Impressedly burger, complete with fried egg and peanut butter.

109 North 28th St., Billings, Mont.; +1 406 294 3495; www.hooliganssportsbar.com


57. The Press Box, Lincoln

Nebraskans are notoriously welcoming and this phalanx of televisions, games and old people (let’s be honest, if you’re in Nebraska, it’s probably to visit some old people, so take ’em here!) sticks to stereotype.

5601 S. 56th St., Lincoln, Neb.; +1 402 261 3859; www.pressboxlincoln.com


58. Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book, Las Vegas

Arguably the best place to watch any sporting event in the world on TV, there’s nothing like the party ambience that roars through a Vegas sports book as bets some cashing in and crashing down at regular intervals.

Of many notable Vegas and Reno contenders, the book at Caesars Palace remains the classic, with six oversized (to say the least) screens, multiple 50-inch plasma monitors, 12-inch flat screen TVs installed in each of 140 seats, huge ever-changing odds boards, a do-or-die crowd as diverse as the sports world itself and the lights, sound and fury of the open casino at your back.

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S.; Las Vegas; +1 888 527 8342; www.caesarspalace.com

New Hampshire

59. Billy’s Sports Bar and Grill, Manchester

The scope is local, the food and beer cheap and the halls bulging with memorabilia. And, while New England can get pretty sports provincial, Billy’s carries feeds from outside the greater Boston area.

34 Tarrytown Road, Manchester, N.H.; +1 603 622 3644; www.billyssportsbar.com

New Jersey

new jersey nets Jersey's finest. 60. Black Bear Bar & Grill, Hoboken

This downtown bar doesn’t need any more lighting than its more than fifty 50-inch TVs and three 12-foot projection screens emit. It also offers fist-pumping patrons a food and beer selection that runs the gamut of sophistication, from filet mignon and microbrews to Sysco fries and St. Louis swill.

205 Washington St., Hoboken, N.J.; +1 201 656 5511; www.blackbearbar.com

61. Miami Mikes Sports Zone, East Hanover

An oasis for Dolphins fans just down the street from the rival Jets’ practice facility, but there are 50 HDTVs to serve devotees of every team. Just to ensure the peace is kept, Miami Mike himself is regularly in attendance.

130 Route 10 W., East Hanover, N.J.; +1 973 887 1300; www.miamimikes.com

New Mexico

62. Sammy C’s Rock N’ Sports Pub & Grille, Gallup

Deceptively large, Sammy C’s is loaded with the sports (and music) memorabilia accumulated during the owner’s four decades in radio. It’s lighter on TVs than most of the bars on this list, but heavy on ambience.

107 W. Coal Ave., Gallup, N.M.; +1 505 863 2220; rocknsammycs.com

New York

63. The Ainsworth, New York

This Manhattan game watchery may come off pretentious to some, but so does New York. Not many sports bars maintain web sites that tell you the name of the interior designer (“Shendell”) or list goat-cheese-stuffed lamb burgers on the menu.

The layout, however, is unassailable, with plasmas framed for optimal viewing and game watching groups scheduled -- and ushered out -- with Germanic precision. So, if you’re a slow drinker, you’d better pray for overtime.

122 W. 26th St., New York; +1 212 741 0645; www.ainsworthnyc.com

64. Gordon’s Bar, Buffalo

Regular patrons of this corner favorite root almost as vociferously for its beloved management as they do for the Bills and Sabres.

2263 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.; +1 716 874 3020; www.gordonsondelaware.com

65. Lansdowne Road, New York

Free rounds pour depending on in-game action and 25-cent wings fly during Monday Night Football (or any other Monday). Technological enhancements include an ice channel built into the bar to keep beers cold and beer towers for those into second-generation pours.

This Hell’s Kitchen sports bar “distinguishes itself with a commitment to championship drinking,” according to its web site.

599 10th Ave., New York; +1 212 239 8020; lansdowneroadnyc.com

Dejected Yankee fan at Stan'sFortunately, most nights at Stan's end differently.66. Stan’s Sports Bar, Bronx

Some things just have to be experienced. Not because they’re innovative or charming or even good, but because they’re experiences. This game day landmark of beer tubs, bent neon and blaring hair metal beneath the elevated train across from Yankee Stadium is one of those experiences.

836 River Ave., Bronx, N.Y.; +1 718 993 5548; stanssportsbar.com

North Carolina

67. Draft Carolina Burgers & Beers, Raleigh

The vibe here is so local that most of the bar’s 40 draft beers come from in-state. So does much of the food, which also comes in massive portions, including the hangover tots, which are baked with pimiento cheese, bacon, chili, scallions and sour cream. Don’t stress, the scallions are fat free!

510 Glenwood Ave., Suite 10, Raleigh, N.C.; +1 919 834 2955; www.draftraleigh.com

68. Picasso’s Sports Cafe, Charlotte

Regarded municipally for wings that come in 13 different varieties, Picasso’s houses 15 sizable 50-inch HDTVs, as well as a 13-foot HD screen.

230 E. WT Harris Blvd., Charlotte, N.C.; +704 595 9553; www.picassossportscafe.com

North Dakota

69. Playmakers Sports Bar, Fargo

If you can’t cheer in triumph in the company of energetic patrons, you can mourn your loss in one of the private booths rigged out with personal plasma screens.

Located in The Hub entertainment venue, which houses multiple bars and clubs that range from country to hip hop.

2525 Ninth Ave. S., Fargo, N.D.; +1 701 232 6767; thehubfargo.com


70. Harpo’s Sports Café, Brook Park

The statistics are kinda staggering at this sports bar in a Cleveland suburb: 18 varieties of Buffalo wings, 90 TVs, including eight 10-foot projection screens, and 119 beers.

5777 Smith Road, Brook Park, Ohio; +1 216 267 7777; goharpos.com

71. Varsity Club, Columbus

Boasts the biggest tailgate party in the country, a claim supported by the dozens of port-a-potties trucked in on Saturdays during the college football season.

Located across the street from The Ohio State University campus, this brick-and-mortar monster scales back for regular game watching and pizza scarfing.

278 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, Ohio; +1 614 299 6269; www.myvarsityclub.com


72. Eskimo Joe’s, Stillwater

A local legend located a block from Oklahoma State University, EJ’s banks as much on souvenir T-shirts -- yes, the logo is a grinning Eskimo and his trusty sled dog -- as it does the food and drink on which it was founded.

501 W. Elm St., Stillwater, Okla.; +1 800 256 J5637; www.eskimojoes.com


73. Blitz-Ladd, Portland

Come early for big games or be prepared to stand in the massive open space at Portland’s current favorite sports palace. Reliably noisy crowds are kept happy with more than 25 big screen HDTVs, lots of good bar food, massive draft beer selection (“all craft, no crap”) and game audio.

In the back, another large area is dedicated to shuffle board, ping-pong, darts and pool.

See web site for four Portland area locations.

2239 S.E. 11th, Portland, Ore.; +1 503 236 3592; blitzbarpdx.webs.com

74. Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill, Bend

Proximate to exactly zero major cities -- let alone sports cities -- this community wonder still manages to cram tons of sports into a pretty small bar. More than 30 TVs, cheap prices and, unexpectedly, a highly regarded breakfast menu make game watching here an all-day affair.

1020 NW Wall St., Bend, Ore.; +1 541 385 8898; sidelines-bend.com

75. Spirit of ’77, Portland

If you’ve ever wondered how commercial art school grads might conceive a sports bar, here’s your answer.

Free games include foosball, darts and buzzer beater basketball, while screen sizes include an aspect-ratio-appropriate 16 x 9 feet in this cavernous tribute to the NBA champion 1977 Trailblazers. (Hence the name.)

500 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland, Ore.; +1 503 232 9977; www.spiritof77bar.com


76. Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar, Philadelphia

The regional chain’s South Philly location by the numbers: 2,200 square meters, 750 seats, 25 draft beers, three private suites, three 14-by-10-foot HD projection screens and Chickie’s deliciously misleading trademark Crabfries. It’s like a sports fan’s WalMart, only with fewer drunks.

See web site for more than 10 Pennsylvania locations.

1526 Packer Ave., Philadelphia; +1 215 218 0500; www.chickiesandpetes.com

steelers The crowd at Hough's called for a running play. When will the coaching staff listen?77. Hough’s Bar & Restaurant, Pittsburgh

Don’t be misled by its morose facade -- inside is a craft beertopia offering more than 300 brews, 360-degree views, darts, shuffleboard and bathrooms clean enough to eat a kielbasa sandwich off the floor.

563 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburgh; +1 412 586 5944; closed any Sunday the Steelers aren’t playing; houghspgh.com

78. South Philly Bar & Grill, Philadelphia

A consensus game day destination for fans in one of the most rabid sports towns in America, it’s also a regular winner of local “best sports bar in Philly” awards.

While it’s steps away from cheesesteak cathedrals Pat’s and Geno’s, SPB&G offers its own worthy entrants in the debate.

1235 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia; +1 215 334 3300; www.southphillybar.com

Rhode Island

79. Snookers, Providence

The site of a former welding company, the space is massive, accommodating 40-plus large (if not strategically placed) televisions, 15 pool tables and nearly 90 beers.

53 Ashburton St., Providence, R.I.; +1 401 351 7665; www.snookersri.com

South Carolina

80. The British Bulldog Pub, Columbia

A triumph of authenticity in an area for which “international” is culinarily limited to pancake houses. The fare here is naturally English, in both sports and cuisine, so expect a lot of bangers and confused American football fans.

1220 Bower Parkway, Columbia, S.C.; +1 803 227 8918; www.thebritishbulldogpub.com

South Dakota

81. Cubby’s Sports Bar & Grill, Brookings

With more than 50 carefully configured TVs and four outsized projection screens, this is where South Dakota keeps all of its televisions.

307 Main Ave., Brookings, S.D.; +1 605 696 7978; www.cubbyssportsbarandgrill.com


82. Jonathan’s Grille, Franklin

For those who make gourmet game day food, this upscale Nashville area sports suppery has 40 flat screens and 28 beers on tap. See web site for additional Nashville area locations.

7135 S. Springs Drive, Franklin, Tenn.; +1 615 771 0355; www.jonathansgrille.com

83. Sam’s All American Sports Grill, Nashville

Recognition by media titans Maxim, MSNBC and … Nashville Scene magazine applaud the wings, pizza, chili and chicken tenders of this local favorite. Other amenities include a patio, oodles of memorabilia and more TVs than South Korea.

1803 21st Ave. S., Nashville, Tenn.; +1 615 383 3601; www.samssportsgrill.com


LonghornsTechnically, you can mess with Texas.84. The Allen Wickers, Plano

Football -- the American, not the world, kind -- is king in the state of Texas. But for Dallas area fans of soccer, this upscale oasis (couches, fireplace, real wood) is a solitary beacon. The food is more creative, the beer more varied and the prices cheaper than expected.

2301 N. Central Expressway, Plano, Texas; +1 972 424 2300; www.theallenwickerspub.com

85. Cover 3, Austin

For fans seeking a higher-minded approach to sports bar fare, the C3’s gourmet selections should leave a better taste in your mouth. “Cover 3” here refers to the owners avowed passion for “outstanding food, service and sports.” Cowboys welcome.

2700 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 202, Austin, Texas; +1 512 374 1121; cover-3.com

86. Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill, Dallas

You can’t order anything in this place without invoking an athlete, franchise or stadium, as the dishes are named for sports icons. Which is fitting, since the portions are lineman sized. Order a Larry Bird and you’ll get, what else, a big, juicy white meat chicken sandwich. Check web site for other Dallas area locations.

3227 McKinney Ave., Dallas; +1 214 999 8932; www.frankiesbar.com

87. Mister Tramps Sports Pub and Café, Austin

The bar’s “Euro” qualifier means exotic takes -- at least by Texas standards -- on everything from the sports (rugby, soccer) to the food (corned beef pizza, Shiner Bock queso) to the beer (Trumer Pils, Moose Drool Brown Ale).

Long, bench-style tables encourage sports chat with your new friends. The TVs still run on 110-volt power, though.

8565 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas; +1 512 837 3500; www.mistertramps.com


88. Lumpy’s Downtown, Salt Lake City

TVs can be found wherever they can fit ’em … sequentially lining walls … individually stationed in booths … tucked into seat cushions …

145 Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City; +1 801 883 8714; www.lumpysdowntownslc.com


89. Crystal City Sports Pub, Arlington

TVs are a sickness in this honest-to-goodness, three-floor sports church, with more than 100 displays, including one 10-foot and two eight-foot projection screens. Other diversions abound, such as pool, darts, pinball, foosball and burping.

529 23rd St. S., Arlington, Va.; +1 703 521 8215; www.ccsportspub.com

90. Home Team Grill, Richmond

HTG doesn’t invent anything, but colors precisely within the lines of the sports bar blueprint, with lots of TVs suspended for 360-degree exposure and open-air seating in warm weather months. A third location is located in Fredericksburg.

1630 W. Main St., Richmond, Va.; +1 804 254 7460; 11351 Nukols Road, Richmond, Va.; +1 804 967 9060; www.hometeamgrill.com


91. Ruben James, Burlington

Vermont microbrews and a commitment to turning up the TV volume for big games makes RJ’s a favorite, as do eight large TVs, satellite packages and “slammer baskets” (sliders presumably being on the wussy end of things here) with beer-battered fries.

159 Main St., Burlington, Vt.; +1 802 864 0744; rjsburlington.com


seahawks Seattle fans suffer like few others. That's why their sports bars are so important.92. Auto Battery, Seattle

This converted auto shop trades skid plates for skeeball and CVs for TVs, with drinks that preserve the building’s history, in name, not ingredients. The Spark Plug, for instance, is Absolut Raspberry, cranberry and lemonade served up with a Pop Rocks rim.

Order the 18 Wheeler and you’ll get a Bloody Mary with a Slim Jim back.

The food is signature, too, with po dog gourmet hot dog toppings ranging from mac n’ cheese to sushi paper.

1009 E. Union St., Seattle; +1 206 322 2886; www.autobatterybar.com

93. Sport Restaurant & Bar, Seattle

This imaginatively titled tavern houses nearly 40 TVs, including a 130-inch screen and 13 more booth-side LCDs carrying all major satellite packages.

With exception of a showcase chronicling 100 years of Seattle’s contributions to sports, most of the memorabilia on display is for sale.

140 4th Ave., Suite 130, Seattle; +1 206 404 7767; www.sportrestaurant.com

Washington, D.C.

94. The Exchange Saloon, Washington, D.C

The nation’s capital has a number of good sports bars, but its location near the White House, 100-inch high-definition projection TV, surround sound and 26 flat screen HDTV monitors make this D.C. haunt eminently more likable than any of the elected officials bloviating nearby.

1719 G St. NW, Washington, D.C.; +1 202 393 4690; www.theexchangesaloon.com

West Virginia

95. Kegler’s Sports Bar & Lounge, Morgantown

Sure, it has “lounge” in the name, but don’t expect any couches at this West Virginia University staple. What there is of the waitresses’ outfits is patterned after referee uniforms so you know it’s sporty, with a bowling alley, 70-inch HDTVs and cover-free UFC pay-per-view fights.

735-A Chestnut Ridge Road, Morgantown, W. Va.; +1 304 598 9698; www.keglerssportsbar.com


96. The Irish Pub, Milwaukee

Everyone is welcome at this melting pot of die-hard, hipster and yuppie sports fans. The four majors get their due on the bar’s assortment of televisions, but so does English Premier League soccer and international rugby.

124 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis.; +1 414 225 9400; www.theirishpub.us

97. Leff’s Lucky Town, Wauwatosa

Home of the largest urinal in Milwaukee (!), Leff’s only gets more ambitious from there. Following recent renovations, this former silent-movie theater now boasts a lively patio for the four hours a year when it’s warm enough in Wisconsin to drink outside.

7208 W. State St., Wauwatosa, Wis.; +1 414 258 9886; www.leffs.com

cheeseheadsThe dress code tends to be on the stricter side. 98. The Stadium View Bar & Grille, Green Bay

It’s the top sports bar for what may be the top fan base in professional football. In its 20th year, the family-owned bar has received plaudits from Esquire and Forbes magazines for its 15,000-attendee tailgates and behemoth drink containers.

1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, Wis.; +1 920 498 1989; www.thestadiumview.com

99. State Street Brats, Madison

This University of Wisconsin staple has the four Bs covered: brats, booze, Badgers and beards. More than two-dozen screens spread across two floors play over artery-cementing cheese curds and bratwursts on the cheap.

603 State St., Madison, Wis.; +1 608 255 5544; www.statestreetbrats.com

100. Wilson’s Bar & Grill, Madison

TVs at the tables, TVs in the bathrooms, TVs outside, TVs on top of TVs. Plus, free popcorn all the time, specials, fish fries, pool tables and a diverse cross section of honest neighborhood folk raring to tear someone’s head off on game day.

2144 Atwood Ave., Madison, Wis.; +1 608 241 2226; www.wilsonssportsbarandgrill.com


101. Jackson’s All American Sports Grill, Cheyenne

Part of a regional chain (four locations, one each in Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Wyoming, see website), Jackson’s is a huge open space with dozens of mounted TVs, the usual satellite packages and a signature “El Grande” margarita to help you make sense of it all.

1121 Old Town Lane, Cheyenne, Wyo.; +1 307 637 9101; www.jacksonsallamerican.com

Did we blow the call and miss your favorite sports bar? Add your local best sports bar recommendation to the comments section.

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