11 of Europe's finest luxury spas

11 of Europe's finest luxury spas

Bodily and spiritual rejuvenation comes easy at these stunning European pleasure palaces
Europe's best luxury spas
Europe's most-luxurious spa resorts rival anything Asia has to offer.

Seekers of the divine, perhaps you’ve heard -- European Spas are having a resurgence, after playing second fiddle to the pleasure palaces of Asia for the last two decades.

Now revitalized and resplendent, they promise health, fitness and pampering at luxury levels.

While high-end spas dot the coastlines and valleys of the entire continent, here’s our pick of the best spas in Europe.

Therme del Parco, Forte Village, Italy

Europe's best luxury spasOil meets forehead at Therme del Parco.

With 20 treatment rooms and 40 therapists, the highlight is a group of five saline-dense thalassotherapy pools set in a tropical garden.

Slide into each one in turn -- it takes about an hour and the temperature changes from 38 C to 20 C while jets massage and pulverize along the way.

The result is instant and total relaxation as the water takes all the weight off the body.

It’s very popular with injured sportsmen (particularly soccer players), who head for the pools with their physios.

It is also one of the few spas to offer zero-gravity yoga -- another weightless exercise -- alongside a choice of massages (including watsu) and a host of beauty therapies from facials to botox.

Thermae del Parco, +39 (0) 70 921 516; from €2,600 (US$3,375) for seven days or €90 for a day pass; www.fortevillageresort.com

Clinique la Prairie, Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland

Europe's best luxury spasCLP -- sheep embryos not pictured.

On the shores of Lake Léman, Clinique la Prairie is seriously clinical, seriously medical and more than seriously expensive.

Since it opened more than 80 years ago it has hosted everyone from Churchill, a Pope or two, a gaggle of oligarchs and several rock stars.

All are rumored to have taken advantage of its renowned CLP Extract therapy.

In layman’s terms, CLP uses extracts of live cells from sheep embryos and claims a number of anti-aging benefits, from boosting the immune system and slowing down the growth of tumors to helping delay degenerative diseases such as arthritis.

The clinic’s medical services include orthopedic and cosmetic surgery, as well as expert help on cardiology, dermatology and gynecology.

It has one of the best menopause centers in Europe, as well as a renowned dental clinic.

And, of course, there’s the usual extensive menu of beauty and body treatments.

Clinique la Prairie, +41 (0) 21 989 331; six-night Revitalization CLP Extract program from CHF30,000 (US$33,200); www.laprairie.ch

Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland

Europe's best luxury spasWelcome to the stuffy world of golf. Hardly ...

One of the grandest golf resorts on the planet, dotted with three of the most famous courses ever (including the PGA Centenary Course, which will host the Ryder Cup in 2014), Gleneagles also has the most glamorous spa in the British Isles -- Espa Spa.

It’s a hedonistic heaven decked out with velvet chaises longue and deep sofas, all in shades of bronze, eggplant and dark chocolate.

One area is flooded with daylight, while the other is dark and dramatic with glowing fires and faux fur throws.

And while there are more than 60 therapies to choose from, there is the recent addition of a wellness menu -- Espa Life -- which provides naturopathy, physiotherapy, fitness assessment, nutrition and acupuncture to deal with problems at a deeper level.

Gleneagles, +44 (0) 1764 662231; treatments from £60 (US$100), rooms from £275; www.gleneagles.com

Viva Mayr, Lake Worth, Austria

Europe's best luxury spasEnjoy the view -- you're paying by the hour.

On the shores of Lake Worth in Austria’s deep south and just a short drive from Klagenfurt (hometown of Arnie -- the Terminator), Viva Mayr is dedicated to cleansing the gut, honing the digestion and detoxing the body.

Based on the teachings of Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr, who believed proper digestion is the road to health, this is where you learn how to eat again -- properly.

The day begins with a dose of Epsom Salts and the food is a mix of dry rusks, broth, the odd potato and an occasional egg.

Every mouthful has to be chewed a minimum of 40 times.

Each visit begins with a medical consultation so that every program is tailor-made.

These can include everything from kneipping (bathing the body or parts thereof alternately in hot and cold water), massage, colonic irrigation, lymphatic drainage and therapies of the more pampering variety.

A minimum stay of five days is required.

Viva Mayr, +43 (0) 4273 311 170; from €3,750 per week for the detox program; www.viva-mayr.com

Schloss Elmau, Oberbayern, Germany

Europe's best luxury spasThat's what a spa resort with a Michelin-starred restaurant looks like.

Schloss Elmau is a Bavarian hideaway where the mind is as important as the body.

Hiking, biking, golf and yoga meet concerts, lectures, books and beauty.

It has four spas (including one for families), two libraries, one concert hall, six restaurants -- one with a Michelin star -- and the largest hotel bookshop in the world.

There are three- and four-night breaks, as well as a five-night anti-burnout package -- or stay as long as you wish.

Otherwise, opt for massage, facials, pedicures, physiotherapy or postural realignment.

Go in winter to ski, or the rest of the year you can walk, sketch, paint, take yoga and tai chi classes or attend any of the 170 musical and literary events held throughout the year.

Schloss Elmau, +49 (0) 8823 180; from €110 per night for a single room; www.schloss-elmau.de

La Reserve, Ramatuelle, France

Europe's best luxury spasRiviera relaxing at its finest.

Take all the research and rigor from one of Geneva’s grandest spas and whisk it several hundred miles south to that flighty peninsula between St Tropez and Port Grimaud.

That’s exactly what happened with La Reserve, when it set up home in Ramatuelle, one of the prettiest villages on the Riviera.

Here, it overlooks the Mediterranean and has the award-winning spa’s anti-aging therapies (the non-invasive variety) prominent on the menu.

Following an individual lifestyle assessment, each guest has a personalized program of health, fitness and beauty treatments recommended.

It was the first spa to offer treatments from Crème de la Mer, which enhanced its standing with the lotus-eaters who flock to the area each summer.

The serious-minded will want the whole five-day regime, others will just want tasters of what is on offer.

La Reserve Ramatuelle, +33 (0) 494 44 94 44; treatments from €60; www.lareserve-ramatuelle.com

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Capri Palace, Anacapri, Italy

Europe's best luxury spasLook out for falling Romans.

Overlooking the sapphire-blue sea, this luxurious pleasure spot on the eastern side of the island is where the Emperor Tiberius held parties, orgies and, when tired of friend or foe, flung them over the cliffs into the sea.

It is also a serious medical spa and can pamper along with the best of them, but is most famous for its Scuole delle Gambe (Leg School).

Here, a host of supermodels and stars, as well as sports gods like Roger Federer and Cristiano Ronaldo, have tripped through the icy pools and endured cold-mud treatments to keep their pins as perfect as possible.

The newest program is Global Posture Reeducation, which helps relieve back pain.

Capri Palace, +39 (0) 81 978 01111; seven nights at the Leg School cost from €4,250; www.capripalace.com

Europe Hotel Resort, Killarney, Ireland

Europe's best luxury spasBe sure to ask about McGillycuddy's Reeks when in Killarney.

This hotel sports a spa with possibly one of the most beautiful views in the world, overlooking the largest of the Killarney lakes, Lough Lein, in the shadow of the blue-tinged mountains, McGillycuddy's Reeks.

Guests can watch the colors change on the lakes and hills from the hydrotherapy pool or any of the relaxation areas.

The Espa spa is on two levels, with 16 treatment rooms, a private spa suite and a thermal suite with a saltwater pool, an ice fountain, a sauna and a steam room.

The age-defying treatments are great for face and body, the views lift the soul.

Europe Hotel Resort, +353 (0) 64 667 1300; rooms from €120; www.theeurope.com

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Europe's best luxury spasAlicante is one perfect choice for a Zen-focused clinic.

The chicest spa in Spain is devoted to anti-aging, wellness and the efficacy of the macrobiotic diet.

SHA is a series of gleaming white ultra-modern buildings adjacent to the Sierra Helada National Park, with views of the coastline from the rooftop pool.

Each guest has an initial consultation with an agenda coordinator and doctor on arrival to create a personalized program.

Alongside massages, colonics, gentle yoga and reflexology, the resort offers laser treatments for face and body, dentistry, cosmetic procedures, acupuncture and sleep therapies.

SHA Wellness Clinic, +34 (0) 966 811 199; 14-day programs cost from €10,000; www.shawellnessclinic.com

Grand Resort, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Europe's best luxury spasCaution -- may contain Olympians.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz consists of two hotels with super-luxury spa suites in a stunning Swiss valley just an hour from Zurich.

Space, clean air, mountains and rivers all contribute to the sense of well-being.

The “B. Wellbeing & Spa” facility is state-of-the art for sports injuries -- whole soccer squads turn up for restoration -- while the doctor in charge is consultant to the Swiss Olympic team.

There are also programs for detox, weight management and stress management alongside anti-aging therapies and sleep treatments, plus as a host of massages, scrubs and wraps.

It’s the sort of place that if a treatment is not on the menu, it doesn’t exist.

In the Spa Suites, all the water, including the bathwater, comes from natural springs.

Each bathroom has its own steam room and sauna, plus color-therapy baths operated by a Buddha-shaped button.

Even the mattresses can change from soft to firm at the flip of a switch.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, +41 (0) 81 303 3030; packages from CHF490 per night; www.resortragaz.ch

Castel Monastero, Siena, Italy

Europe's best luxury spasBack to the Middle Ages with style.

Imagine a renovated 11th-century hamlet with rooms and suites in castle courtyards and cottages.

Add food designed by Gordon Ramsay and special spa treatments devised by Dr. Mosaraf Ali, a physician to Prince Charles, Tommy Hilfiger and Claudia Schiffer among others, and you’ve got Castel Monastero in Siena.

Two indoor swimming pools and three outdoor ones complement the huge spa, where guests can spend days being pummeled and pampered.

Or you can take part in one of Dr. Ali’s three- or seven-day programs -- choose from slimming, detox or revitalizing.

Ali uses a mixture of naturopathy, Ayurveda and modern science and has a team of doctors to carry out the treatments.

Castel Monastero, +39 (0) 577 570001; costs from €1,500 for a three-day detox; www.castelmonastero.com

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