120 kph zip line to open in Wales

120 kph zip line to open in Wales

Don your "flying suit," hold onto your stomach -- Zip World Snowdonia sets up Europe's longest, craziest zip line in an abandoned quarry
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Who comes to the longest zip line in Europe, and opts for the small version?

Europe's biggest zip wire will open soon above a lake at an abandoned slate quarry in north west Wales

Zip World Snowdonia, which opens to the public at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda on March 16, claims to have set up the longest zip wire in Europe. 

Visitors will don a wind and water resistant "flying suit" and goggles before hurtling 1.6 kilometers through the air, at up to 120 kilometers per hour, 200 meters above a mountain lake. The maximum height off the ground will be 22 meters.

The harnesses used allow the zip-liners to carry wallets or small cameras with them -- so expect plenty of scream-filled, juddering vids to hit YouTube come March.

How many bugs get swallowed due to zip lines every year? Zip World's website calls attention to the history of the setting, once the world's largest slate quarry.

It's also where the world's first zip lines were built a century ago to help miners extract rock. 

Plans for the extreme zip wire were approved by the Gwynedd County Council in April 2012, in the hope the new attraction would put "Bethesda well and truly on the map."

"Bethesda is almost dying on its feet at present, and there are real hopes that this will prove to be a substantial boost," a committee member said to the Daily Post.

Tickets will cost £50 (US$80) for adults and £40 (US$64) for children under 16 for the full package -- a guided experience lasting two to three hours. Up to 40 people will be able to ride the wire each hour, according to the company.

Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 4YG; +44 1690 710 914; www.zipworld.co.uk

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